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2016 Wedding Color Trends

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Wedding Color Trends

Summer Wedding
Color Trends

Share your style.
Set the mood.
Celebrate the season.

A Burst of Summer Color
Splash into summer with 8 hot and ultra-trendy color palettes!

Your Wedding Colors
Start by choosing 1-2 primary colors that inspire you. Then add in 2-3 accent colors that are complementary, harmonious, or monochromatic.

Color is Our Thing
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Sugar, Custom Turquoise
Latte, Ashwood

Play with these colors

While neutral, sugar is a muted shade with lots of classic appeal. Delicate and chic, this shade really goes with everything! Combining it with understated hues can set any wedding tone, from romantically rustic to modernly minimalist.

As you add color to your wedding stationery designs, ensure there’s a neutral in the mix. While your primary colors will play a big part, neutral tones will tone it all down while making sure guests can easily read your wedding day details.

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Teaberry, Ivory
Custom Blue, Classic Gray

Play with these colors

Teaberry pink is feminine and soft. Sugary sweet, pink in any palette is especially popular for contemporary summer weddings. Add a bit of light blue, gray and ivory (and a tulle dress) and you’ve got the makings for a fairytale wedding!

Colors don’t always have to set the main theme for your wedding day. Find inspiration in the things you love. From florals or glam sparkles to the mountains or countryside, any color combo can play into your overall vision.


Mint, Teaberry
Champagne, Custom Blue

Play with these colors

Chic and sophisticated, mint continues to be an ultra-trendy option. This refreshing hue can be paired perfectly with most any color, especially other pastels. It creates a calming and restful mood, while still being super romantic and even a bit playful!

Your color, design, and font combos on your invites offer the first glimpse into your wedding style! Explore designs and fonts that complement each other. Remember it’s perfectly okay to combine modern with vintage.


Orchid, Custom Brown
Celery, Cream Rose

Play with these colors

Orchid is a deliciously sweet and perfect shade. Elegant and fun, this hue is also very rustic glam. When paired with earthy greens and browns, chic orchid stands out radiantly. This unexpected combo certainly emanates love and joy!

Typography goes a long way on your wedding stationery. While visuals, photos, and colors set the tone for the big day—​bold and striking fonts are a perfect way to showcase your style. From scripty to modern, get creative!


Ocean, Custom Green
Silver, Teaberry

Play with these colors

You can almost feel the summer ocean or lake breeze with this super-cool and stylish color. Ocean paired with an earthy lime green, keeps the overall look fresh and natural. Seaside affair or not, this palette is classically chic.

Destination wedding? Use the location as inspiration for your stationery art elements and color choices. Whether palm trees, mountains, or tropical sunsets—​guests will have a fun idea of what’s to come on your big day!

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Classic Blue, Tangerine
Sugar, Champagne

Play with these colors

With navy at the helm, dive into summer with this unexpectedly swank color palette! Be bold by adding a bright orange to keep a summery look and feel. Full of pep and spontaneity, these colors are the perfect mix of cool and warm.

Put a fashionably modern spin on your stationery for a bold look and feel by pairing complementary colors together. This type of vivid color scheme is great for weddings centered around summer or favorite sport teams!


Azalea, Flamingo
Mint, Butter

Play with these colors

Summer is the perfect time to add a bold pop of a cheerful color, such as azalea! A bright pink like this is best paired with muted colors, while still creating a bright, sunny tone. It’s playful, oozes joy, and creates sweet harmony.

As you design your save the date, find an engagement photo that perfectly showcases your unique personalities! The days of forced, posed photos have dwindled. Friends and family will love seeing the real, candid side of you!


Chartreuse, Azalea
Carrot, Classic Gray

Play with these colors

Chartreuse is boldly fun and the ultimate in uniqueness! Neons are nearly everywhere these days, and weddings are no exception. This palette shows that neon hues can still be classy and simple, especially when grounded with a neutral.

If neons are part of your theme, remember your stationery does not have to scream “neon wedding.” Bright colors can still be incorporated in an elegant way, with neutrals adding balance to make it visually pleasing.

Spring Wedding
Color Trends

Share your style.
Set the mood.
Celebrate the season.

Spring Weddings
Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’ Robin Williams

Color Matters!
Pick 1-3 primary colors and 1-2 accent shades. Start with your primary color first and then choose your accessory colors from there.

Color Mavens
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Classic Yellow, Slate
Celery, Cream Rose

Play with these colors

Like its namesake, this color scheme shines brightly. Small pops of yellow bring luminosity and a sense of dimension to darker shades while simultaneously adding a sunny look and feel.

Graphical illustrations printed throughout your wedding stationery items are a fun way to reflect your look and locale. Garden and nature-inspired illustrations are some of the most popular for spring weddings.

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Tangerine, Pumpkin
Butter, Sage

Play with these colors

Bold and vibrant, tangerine is a perfect color for a spring wedding. A harmonious palette such as this provides just the right amount of drama and romance to balance out overall feel.

Botanical designs continue to flourish for springtime weddings—​or any season, really. Use your color scheme to enhance the mood and style.


Tropic, Classic Gray
Ivory, Rain

Play with these colors

Naturally organic in feel, this spring-fresh green is a true delight and a favorite to fill bouquets with. There are a host of spring greens to choose from! Think mums, orchids, green hydrangeas, hypericum berries, viburnum and succulents.

Design, typography and paper choice go hand in hand. Wedding stationery that gets all three of these right, will leave an indelible print on the minds of your wedding guests.


Teaberry, Ashwood
Celery, Coral

Play with these colors

Teaberry pink—​a lighter more feminine neutral—​is perfect for vintage romantic wedding styles. Pairing colorful and high energy hues keep the look cool and contemporary.

Interestingly, timeless patterns keep a look fresh and clean. Opposites attract when a timeless design is coupled with a bold and contemporary font. The end result is clean and simple yet sophisticated and refined.


Sugar, Charcoal
Sage, Cream Rose

Play with these colors

Sophisticated and chic, this luxurious neutral is a chic color that pairs beautifully with others. Pour a little sugar into your wedding apparel and décor and watch the other colors in your palette pop with modern expression.

Personalizing a Save the Date that reflects your destination or venue location offers your guests a fun teaser for what’s to come! Carry your style, color scheme and design to all the pieces in your stationery suite.

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Shale, Gold
Peach, Sunbeam

Play with these colors

If you’ve got the blues, you’re in good company. From the sky to the sea, all shades of blue are super popular for weddings right now. Shale is a playful primary shade that keeps the palette grounded and approachable.

Got a country or rustic wedding style? Let it sing with a design that really relates to the vibe you’re going for. Bold, iconic graphics will keep your style and details at center stage.


Classic Blue, Silver
Dusk, Carnation

Play with these colors

With its regal feel, classic blue adds charm to any wedding style. Highly popular, a monochromatic blend of blues will have you whistling a harmonious tune that’s pleasing to the eye.

Show off one of your favorite engagement photos with a design that puts the two of you in the spotlight. Here’s a design that features a large photo overlaid with a fun font that looks handwritten.


Turquoise, Latte
Marigold, Ocean

Play with these colors

This jewel-toned shade—​whether used as a primary color or an accent color—​feels modern and fresh. Marry it with neutral hues for a stately look across your stationery and décor.

Unique and non-traditional. Is that you? Upload your own design—​or go with a stationery suite that speaks to your unique sensibilities and wedding style. From large photo designs to distinctive graphics, share your flair!

Winter Wedding
Color Trends

Share your style.
Set the mood.
Extol the season.

Dreamy Winter Weddings
A winter wedding is inherently romantic. Here are 8 warm and inspiring color palettes for a cool winter wedding.

Choosing Your Winter Scheme
Choose 2-3 primary colors and 1-2 accent shades. Start with your primary color first and then choose your accessory colors from there.

Your Color Specialists
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Sage, Silver, Custom Green, Black

Play with these colors

Gentle and unassuming, this palette of greens feels fresh and natural. Sage is a soft shade—​a romantic neutral that livens up when paired with pink, white, or a medley of oranges.

Popular among Bohemian brides are floral wreaths and botanical illustrations. The flowery look and feel of this fluid design element can be easily rendered across your wedding look and various stationery items.

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Classic Gray, Charcoal, Teal, Winter White

Play with these colors

Gray is a beautiful base color. Keeping it monochromatic with a variety of gray shades maintains a sophisticated aesthetic—​perfect for winter weddings. For a more youthful and playful spin, simply add a high energy hue, like teal!

Marrying the look of Kraft paper and nature-themed artwork is a stationery trend that is ideal for neutral palettes and handcrafted winter weddings. Set the tone with a design that complements your rustic style.


Burgundy, Champagne, Cream Rose, Blush

Play with these colors

Rich and warm, burgundy shows off its softer side when paired with soft pinks and champagne. Like the color of a fine wine, this pinky-red is gorgeous on bridesmaid dresses, in signature drinks, and planted in bouquets.

Melding design and typography is a trend we embrace. Opt for a design and font style that supports the tone you want to set. Opposites attract when it comes to bold fonts and elegant script fonts.


Gold, Champagne, White, Custom Tan

Play with these colors

Perfect for a wintertime wedding, this palette glistens with warmth and ambiance. Gold in your palette offers a treasure trove of inspiration for a candlelit evening wedding, horse drawn sleigh ride, and crystal embellished décor.

Get guests excited with a Save the Date that reflects your glamorous event. Love Art Deco? Decorative designs like geometric patterns are ideal elements to reflect this 1920’s opulent vintage style.

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Navy, Ice, Charcoal, Sunset

Play with these colors

Traditional yet trendy, navy blue is a color that always pairs nicely with others. Add a pop of preppy to your winter wedding by mixing sunset orange into your florals and accessories.

Always smart. Always chic. Navy is Mr. Popularity as a primary color. Check out this preppy palette on this trendy photo Save the Date design with a floral graphic illustration.


Lavender, White, Sugar, Slate

Play with these colors

Soft, subtle and feminine, lavender is a delicate purple that especially speaks to the vintage-loving bride and groom. Pairing this pretty purple with slate, sugar, and white introduces a more rustic look and feel.

Beautiful and versatile, this pastel is both peaceful and spirited at the same time. Stationery personalized with lavender will sing with modern-vintage romance. Bold graphics keep the suite clean and contemporary.


Ice, Silver, Blush, Custom Blue

Play with these colors

With a nod toward a French Country look and feel, this powdery palette lifts the spirits and leaves lots of room for your personality to shine through.

Set the tone for your winter wedding with a design that speaks to the beauty of the season. Here’s a design that features gently falling snow on pine tree silhouettes, personalized in a charming monochromatic blend of blues.


Black, Strawberry, White, Sage

Play with these colors

For a twist on tradition, this holiday color scheme—​featuring black, strawberry, white, and sage—​goes together like Christmas trees and twinkling white lights. These bold and neutral hues will look fun and festive scattered across your florals and décor.

Having a winter wedding? With a less is more look, consider a stationery suite that speaks to the simple beauty of a subdued winter season. A neutral palette is lovely indeed.

Fall Wedding
Color Trends

Share your style.
Set the mood.
Extol the season.

Romantic Fall Weddings
“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”
- George Eliot

Choosing Your Dream Scheme
Your wedding look centers around your colors. Choose 2-3 primary colors and 1-2 accent colors. Start with your boldest color first and choose the other colors from there.

Your Color Specialists
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Pumpkin, Tangerine, White, Sky

Play with these colors

Perfect for fall and rustic weddings, pumpkin is an iconic color choice for autumn. The orange hues vary from light to dark and make a warm complement to the cooler shades.

Gorgeous when contrasted against the starkness of white, pumpkin looks exceptional on clean and simple photo Save the Date designs.

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Strawberry, Sugar, White, Gold

Play with these colors

Picked at its peak, strawberry red is a divine shade that’s full of passion and energy. This bright red is a fine choice for mixing and matching with the warm hues of autumn.

Fall is bursting with colors that can be extended to your Stationery Suite. Planting strawberry next to white, gold, and sugar is a rich representation of this celebrated season.

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Blush, Cream Rose, Classic Gray, Navy

Play with these colors

From soft and lax to pretty and preppy, cream rose is a whimsical neutral that’s easlily grounded by gray and goes beautifully with navy. Impeccably sweet and ever romantic, this shade will always be a wedding favorite.

Both girly and macho ... pairing a pinky hue with a bold, chunky font is downright irresistible. With this perfect contrast in mind, let your Wedding Invitations set the tone for a playful yet distinguished event.

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Olive, Hunter, Slate, Sugar

Play with these colors

Like a dreamy setting from a romance novel, love and strength encompass a color scheme that contains olive green and earthy neutrals. A woodland fresh palette of greens is a symbol of growth and abundance.

Saving the date for a rustic outdoor wedding? Share your love of nature with your favorite photo, a palette of down-to-earth shades, and a design element from mother earth.

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Slate, Custom Pink, Cream Rose, Ashwood

Play with these colors

Soft and wistful, mauve is a dusky pink that when placed in the right palette, can be easily swayed toward any wedding style—​from modern or classic to beachy or boho.

For a vintage look and feel, marry mauve with similarly soft neutrals. To lend a trendier look to your Wedding Invitations, pair with contrasting neutrals like slate and ashwood.

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Navy, Charcoal, Custom Yellow, Dusk

Play with these colors

Three cheers for navy! Always dignified, navy brings confidence to the palette—​whether it’s paired with stately neutrals, playful pinks, or bright hues like custard and dusk.

Share your love of navy blue across your stationery suite. Charming illustrations are a hot look for stationery and this deep and regal blue will be a sweet addition for your fall palette and invite design.

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Raspberry, Dusty Rose, Custom Light Gray, Custom Dark Gray

Play with these colors

Raspberry is a warm color—​rich and poised like a fine wine. Outstanding for autumn, this attention-getting hue looks amazing with a blend of creamy and contrasting neutrals.

Combining florals and watercolors is a stationery trend that we fully embrace. Tempering the boldness of raspberry in a watercolor wash and personalizing the florals and fonts in ivory, is like ending a perfect day with a beautiful sunset.

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Eggplant, Coral, Lavender, Raspberry

Play with these colors

Like a crowning jewel, eggplant is a deep and radiant color, beloved for fall weddings. You can fuse this valiant color with bright hues for a modern look or keep it classic with a monochromatic scheme of its varying shades.

Trending now are graphic flowers and fanciful fonts! Personalizing your Wedding Invitation design with a sassy color palette like eggplant, coral, lavender, and raspberry is fun, fresh, and contemporary.

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