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Top 10 Wedding Stationery Mistakes

Perfect in every way ... that’s how you want your wedding stationery. Avoid the mistakes that lead to frustration and even additional expenses. From ordering and timing, to style and design, use these tips to create picture-perfect stationery.

Ordering Too Late

Give yourself time to browse, choose and order your wedding stationery. By prioritizing this area of your to-do list, you will avoid the mistakes that come from rushing and making haste decisions.


Use our Wedding Stationery Timeline to prioritize when to design, order and send your Save the Dates, Invitations, and Thank Yous.

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No RSVP Date

Print your RSVPs with a deadline. Setting an RSVP date of 2-3 weeks before your wedding date, gives guests plenty of time to respond. Your caterer will need a final guest count and the list will help you finalize the seating.


Browse RSVP Postcards, already designed with room for your RSVP date. Remember to include stamps on your RSVP Postcards.

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Insufficient Postage

Know your postage costs before sending. Avoid the frustration of having your lovely wedding invitation envelopes returned for not having enough postage. Take one assembled invitation to the post office and have it weighed.


Adorn your envelopes with Seals and stamps that coordinate with your wedding theme. And, ask the postmaster to hand cancel your invitations to keep them looking pretty.

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Not Ordering Enough

Order extra invitations and envelopes. Avoid the expense of having to order additional items later. You’ll need extras for keepsakes, potential mail mishaps and last minute invites.


A good rule of thumb is to order at least 25 extra invitations.

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Style over Substance

Balance beautiful design with key wedding info. Help your guests to plan accordingly by communicating important details. Remember to include practical wedding day particulars for: destination, ceremony, RSVP, and reception, etc.


Brainstorm before you place your order so you know exactly which information needs to be printed. Learn more about Wedding Wording.

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Mismatched Look

Tie your wedding look together. Too many colors, patterns and fonts can overwhelm your look. Set the tone and formality with a style and design that is consistent, cohesive and that coordinates with the rest of your wedding stationery and overall aesthetic.


Our Save the Dates have coordinating Invitation ensembles. Discover how to personalize your entire ensemble with color, fonts, photos and wording.

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Typographical Errors

Proofread! Typos related to names, titles, venues, directions and dates are the most common errors. Ask grammar savvy and detail-oriented friends to check for errors and incorrect information.


Proof from lists that are already verified to have the correct information and spellings.

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Bypassing Etiquette

Your wedding invitation is the first glimpse into your wedding formality and style. Although modern weddings are less traditional, your stationery should still include basic etiquette elements relating to: verbiage, punctuation, assembling, addressing, etc.


Learn about Invitation Etiquette relative to your style, formality and family dynamics.

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Excluding Directions

Help your out of town guests find their way. Sharing maps, directions and checking for last-minute detours and road construction will help ensure timely arrivals.


Personalize Enclosure Cards with detailed information on how to get to your venues from every direction.

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Sacrificing Quality

Since your invitations are the centerpiece of your wedding stationery, you want them to be both beautiful and high quality. Avoid printing problems, ink smudges, and color issues, etc. by seeking professionals with an excellent reputation for beautiful design and consistent printing.


See the quality and feel the difference! Order Just One® or Request FREE Save the Date and Invitation samples today!

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