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Adult-only Weddings

Adults-only Weddings

You’ve decided to have an adults-only wedding but you’re not sure how to communicate this rule to guests. Below we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you navigate this aspect of wedding planning.

Things to definitely do:

  • Address your invitation envelope to the individual or couple only
  • Make a note on an enclosure card (see what not to do below)
  • Help eliminate confusion on the RSVP card by using the term “adults” instead of “guests.” For example:
    _____ Adults accepting
    _____ Adults declining
  • Have those closest to you help spread word that children are not invited
  • Be sure to post this information to your wedding website and if you allow RSVPs online, make sure the writing is clear that no children are allowed.
  • Have some fun in how you communicate – write a clever poem or funny sentence to communicate this rule that can sometimes be difficult to share.
  • Consider providing childcare for your guests. This is a huge gesture that will give parents peace-of-mind and a night off to enjoy this special occasion with you.

Things to never do:

  • Do not say “adults only” or “kids free” directly on the wedding invitation
  • Don’t be blunt in your writing. This can be a sensitive topic, so find a more gentle way to say “no kids.”
  • Don’t be offended if some guests don’t show up. Life can be a bit unpredictable with kids. Even the best-intentioned guests might have something come up last minute that prevents them from attending your wedding.
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