How BizConnect Works

When ordering through BizConnect, our Sales team will find
you a sponsor and work with them to collect payment. It’s as easy as that!

Choose a BizConnect Design

Choose a BizConnect design from our collection.

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Input your Information

Customize your favorite BizConnect design with your school’s contact details and schedule information. The BizConnect sponsor area will be filled in by your sponsor.

Checkout & Special Instructions

Select BizConnect as the payment option at checkout. Feel free to provide special instructions regarding your order or shipping.

Approve Your Proof

Approve your proof online or feel free to leave notes for us to make adjustments for you. We’ll then email you a proof for approval. Please be sure to double check your info and dates.

We Will Take It From There!

Once we have your approved proof, the Sales team will begin the search for a local real estate agent sponsor! Your order will be placed temporarily on hold as we find the best sponsor for your magnets. As soon as a sponsor agrees, provides payment, and sends us their custom info—​your magnets will go to print.

Please note you are unable to edit or make changes to the BizConnect sponsor portion of the magnet. Likewise, your sponsor will not be able to make edits to your info, colors, or calendar.

Enjoy your summer break!

Agents for Education

Why BizConnect Works!

Your Calendar Connects With Families

Personalize the calendar on any BizConnect magnet, and create your own legend codes of important categories like vacation/holidays, conferences, first day/last day, picture day, and more. Then we will grab your sponsor’s contact information and place it within the noted area.

The BizConnect program is only available on our BizConnect Jumbo Calendar designs

Benefits to Sponsors

To sponsors, magnets are more than just a favor—​they’re a powerful and effective year-round marketing tool

Real estate agents and other business owners are happy to get involved with their local schools with a program like BizConnect. You want creative funding, and they want creative marketing—​it’s a win-win!

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Let Us Find Your Sponsor

You’re only one sponsor away from free magnets! We are committed to helping you find that perfect sponsor through BizConnect. Each of our BizConnect Jumbo Calendar (5.5" x 8.5" size) designs includes space for your sponsor’s photo, logo, and text imprints alongside your school calendar.

Find Your own Sponsor

You can also find your own sponsor for your magnet. We often work with Real Estate agents, but there are many other small businesses and organizations that might want to sponsor your school magnet.

Learn more about sponsored magnets

Want more details about this new BizConnect service? Reach out to our team today!