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Top Notch Quality

I was very happy with the outcome of the business cards I ordered. I was doing it all online, but when I needed to, I called and got some great suggestions. We made it a glossy and high quality paper business card. It was very easy and the product is really very nice. I am thrilled!

Reviewed by Sandrika
February 27, 2015

Paper & Magnetic Business Cards

Just about any business card can help you generate leads, but a good business card does more than just generate—​a good Business Card converts. Demand more from your business card by making it magnetic. Original and effective, Magnetic Business Cards help you capture your leads and convert them into real business clients.

Why Magnets?

Magnets are unique. Forget size, color, or shape—​the easiest way to make your business card memorable and distinct is to make it magnetic. After all, how many Magnetic Business Cards have you received in your life? Exactly.

Magnets are memorable. Leads get cards all the time, so don’t give them a card—​give them a magnet! Magnetic Business Cards are unique, and uniqueness aids memory. With magnets, you get to turn your first impression into a lasting one.

Magnets stick around. Most business cards get only one quick glance before they’re filed into the abyss of every other card. In contrast, magnets are practical and easy to display, which means your card gets featured on the fridge—​not filed away.

Not All Magnets Are Created Equal

Being unique and memorable is a good place to start, but you’ll need to also be impressive in order to convert. (That’s where we come in.) Our magnets ensure that you look your best for every lead. With us, you get:

Durable, strong magnets. A flimsy, weak magnet projects a flimsy, weak image. We only use sturdy, thick magnets, ensuring you look professional and strong.

High quality printing. Our innovative, in-house printing technologies allow us to print with incredible vibrance and color. You can feel confident that your design will get the quality you deserve.

Advanced design personalization. You know your business best, so we let you control the finished design. Personalize your card by choosing your photos, design colors, background image, and text.

Paper Business Cards

Wanting that classic card look? Shop coated matte Business Cards to personalize for your business.

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