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I want to make my own Wedding Inviations.

Redefining DIY for the Modern Bride

For most brides, the decision to DIY their wedding stationery stems from the desire to make their wedding truly unique. If you are one of these brides, then let us first say this: congratulations! Going the DIY route is a wonderful way to weave your personality and unique style into your save the dates, wedding invitations, thank yous and other stationery. DIY can be defined as one or both of the following:
—​designing the look and layout of the product
—​doing the assemblage of each piece of the product

DIY = Passion

There are countless ways to design-it-yourself and do-it-yourself. However, despite all the directions of designing and doing that may branch out, DIY Wedding Invitations and Stationery stem from one basic seed, planted in the hearts and minds of every bride:

passion to personalize

Passion to design, passion to create, and passion to express her individual style. And it is from this very seed of passion that iDIY was sprung.

iDIY: Bringing DIY Online, In Style

At MagnetStreet, we wanted to give you, the modern, savvy bride, an online channel through which you could easily express your creativity and freely unleash your inner DIY. To achieve this, we plucked your passion to create, design and express and transplanted it to the internet. The blossoming result? iDIY.

iDIY is our modern, online twist on DIY. iDIY allows you to:
—​design, order and print all your stationery items online
—​fold, assemble and affix your ensemble at home

I want to make my own Wedding Invitations. The “i” in iDIY encompasses everything that modern, online DIY represents.

By integrating both DIY elements of “doing” and “designing”, iDIY is a digital and fun alternative for DIYing your own wedding stationery. iDIY provides an easy creative outlet for the contemporary bride. It doesn’t require innate artistic talent, trunk loads of DIY tools, or expensive graphic design software. In fact, iDIY requires just two tools from you, tools that you already possess within yourself: your creative passion and imaginative spirit.

iDIY Allows You To:

Time + Stress

Measuring, cutting and printing your own stationery can be time-consuming and tedious. By choosing professional products and online printing, you get to focus on the fun part of DIY: creatively expressing your individual style!

Quality + Consistency

No smudges, smears, wrinkles or tears—​our high quality products and vibrant, full-color printing ensure that each and every piece of wedding stationery turns out exactly how it should: flawless and fabulous.

Control + Freedom

Using online personalization tools, you can make any design completely yours. Choose your own colors, upload photos, swap fonts and add your wording. Change a little or change it all—​it’s your design now!

The iDIY Process

Designing Phase

1. Discover the overall colors, patterns and tone you want Wedding Planning Resources & Inspiration
2. Decide which products and designs you want to use
3. Design and Personalize your own colors photos, fonts and wording—​online, anytime. Learn about Personalization
4. Order and Print your iDIY stationery online.


Doing Phase

1. Fold any Half, Tri, or Gate-fold cards ordered.
2. Assemble all your coordinating pieces together.
3. Affix any adhesive embellishments like Envelope Liners, Labels and Seals.

Different DIYs for Different Brides

Since DIY encompasses varying levels of “doing” and “designing,” each bride may define DIY in their own unique way.

Total DIY

For the very hands-on bride, DIY involves both designing and doing everything from scratch, including: purchasing all DIY supplies (card stock, ink, glue, printer etc.), creating the design, printing the design, and then cutting, affixing and assembling each piece. Some brides relish the creative challenge behind this all-encompassing execution of DIY. If you’re a “Total DIYer” like this, then kudos to you! However, for many brides, a different form of DIY may better suit their natural talents, creative spirit and time constraints.


Some brides extract the design process out of DIY and choose to focus on the “doing”, or the physical production and assemblage of the product. This often means replicating an existing DIY project they liked and saw on a DIY website or vendor. Typically, brides buy the individual supplies themselves or purchase a packaged DIY kit. While this do-it-yourself approach allows brides to print their wording and assemble the pieces, the design itself has been predetermined, with little or no room for personalization.


With the growing popularity of personalization, many brides today are migrating toward a “design-it-yourself” approach, focusing their efforts on the creative conception and execution of the design itself. To completely design it from scratch, brides can either create it by hand, or swap scissors for software by learning a graphic design program. Alternately, brides can find design templates online to personalize. However, product and design quality varies greatly on these websites, and they often restrict how much of the design the bride can personalize.


Instead of focusing on design vs. do, iDIY focuses on their shared element: personalization. For iDIY Save the Dates, Invitations, and Stationery, brides start with a design-it-yourself approach, brainstorming their DIY vision, then pick out their products and designs online. Using advanced design editing tools, brides personalize their design online by choosing their own colors, photos, fonts and wording. After their printed products arrive, brides then fold, assemble and affix all their stationery items. By designing online and using professional printing, brides maintain creative control and confidence in the finished product.


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