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Enclosure Card Wording

Enclosure Card Ideas & Wording

Carrying the same look as your wedding invitations, Enclosure Cards are additional stationery items sent with your Invitations and intended to communicate specific wedding information to your guests. Since each wedding is unique, so will the number of Enclosure Cards needed for each event. For instance, a destination wedding may require an Enclosure Card with additional travel information, hotel accommodations, and/or a map.

Response/RSVP Cards
This card includes who is coming, reply by date, meal choice options (if applicable), and accepts/declines line. See our section on Wedding RSVP Wording for more ideas and information.

Reception Cards
Reception Cards are often sent when the reception is being held at a different location than the ceremony.

Wording Examples:

  • Please join us for
    Dinner and dancing
    at 6’oclock
    Oxbow Creek Manor

  • Or

  • Reception immediately following ceremony
    Country Squire
    123 Jackson Street
    Maplewood, MN

Map & Directions Cards
Along with written directions, have a map of the area printed on an enclosure card so that your guests can easily find their destination (with or without a GPS).

Pew Cards / Within the Ribbon Cards
These enclosure cards are sent to special family and friends that you want to make sure have reserved seating at the ceremony. Your guest will simply show their pew card to the usher who will then seat them in the appropriate spot.


  • Reserved for the family of the Bride

Travel Information Cards
An enclosure card with important travel info is a helpful for those traveling from out of town or to your destination wedding. Good information to include: website, phone numbers, travel dates, hotel options, car rental info, things to see and do, etc.

Itinerary Cards
Include a schedule of events for your guests if there is plenty of sightseeing or if you have a week/weekend of fun events planned.


  • Admission Card
    Admit One
    The Jackson Wedding
    Orpheum Theatre
    October 15, 2018
    five o’clock