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Customer Reviews

Excellent product

I have been ordering the refrigerator magnet calendar for years for customers and friends. Each year they look forward to the next calendar. They even contact me asking "have they arrived or have you saved a calender for me?" I never discard the back/magnet holder. I reuse if as a holder for our church birthday calendar that is placed on my refrigerator each year. That way, you think of church family on a daily basis.

Reviewed by Poni
December 1, 2014

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Fridge Pad Calendars

Clients don’t want gimmicks—​they want gifts. Outclass your competition by courting your clients with the ultimate gift: a magnetic, personalized Fridge Pad Calendar. Custom printed with your photo, contact info and tagline, Fridge Pad Calendars connect you with your clients all year long. Their impressive size allows plenty of space for customers to scribble down important dates, appointments and personal notes.

Each Fridge Pad design offers beautiful, monthly imagery to impress your clients and match their interests. Shop Fridge Pads featuring:

  • Vivid flowers
  • Gorgeous landscapes
  • Beautiful interior design
  • Plus more!

To clients, Fridge Pad Calendars are a thoughtful gift. To you, they’re a powerful marketing tool that turns clients today into clients for life.

Your Colors, Photos, Fonts & Wording

Personalize any calendar design to match your brand and meet your marketing needs. Use our online Design Studio to:

  • Upload your photo and/or logo
  • Choose your own fonts and font colors
  • Add your name and contact info
  • Personalize the top with your own marketing message

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