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Single Send
for one-time targeted sends
for automated, recurring sends
15% discount!
Cost of 300 postcards (6" x 9")
Double-sided, full 4-color printing
Printed on premium cardstock
Exclusive new designs every month
Advanced customized design options
Just Listed & Just Sold designs available
Best for drip campaigns & farming
Automated mailing services
We set up artwork for each send
No contract

Available Sizes

4.25" x 6" Postcards

  • Budget friendly
  • Mails at postcard rate
  • 100 for $29.00

6" x 9" Postcards

  • Great value
  • Most popular size
  • 100 for $39.00

6" x 11" Postcards

  • Meets EDDM® requirements
  • Jumbo size will stand out in mailboxes!
  • 100 for $49.00

Personalized marketing at its best

We know that the most important part of a postcard is you!

You can count on us for perfect placement of your customized photos and information on BOTH the front and back of most designs.

Save Money with Mailing Services

Cost includes postage, list processing, and presentation to the post office!

First Class Mailing Service

Fast delivery
40¢ to 50¢ per piece
Delivery: 2-3 business days
Minimum: 100 Qualified Addresses
Ideal for timely mailings

Presort Standard Mailing Service

Cost effective
30¢ per piece
Delivery: 3-10 business days
Minimum: 200 Qualified Addresses
Ideal for recurring mailings

EDDM® by the USPS®

Coming soon
We'll print, bundle, and deliver!
Minimum: 500 Qualified Addresses
Ideal for saturating whole neighborhoods

Targeted Mailing Lists Available!

Grow your business with highly-targeted marketing! Purchase a list* with our online tool.

    Build your perfect mailing list using both geographic & demographic data. Choose from criteria such as:
  • High-income
  • 60+ years old
  • 10+ years of home ownership
  • Within two miles of a targeted address and much more!
*Purchasing a list constitutes a one-time use of that list.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What's the advantage of setting up a Postcard Campaign?
Besides saving 15% every month for just signing up — it's a perfect combination of user control and automation! View and manage each of your sends as much or as little as you like — monthly, every other month, or quarterly. We will design and fulfill your order according to your preset schedule. Plus there are no term contracts, commitments, or set-up fees.

Plus, when you send out to at least 200 qualified addresses, we'll assure you pay for the least expensive Presort Standard mailing — all the while keeping to your schedule.
Will I be locked into a contract?
Not at all! There are no contracts or commitments for either Single Send or Postcard Campaigns.
What mailing schedule options are available?
Postcard Campaigns are automated and recurring, and we will send according to the schedule you set up: monthly, every other month, or quarterly.

You are free to order and mail out as often as you like — weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and so forth. Just order a single send whenever you'd like!
What information do I need to provide to set up my mailing?
Whether you set up your Single Send or automated Postcard Campaign, you will need to provide your contact information, photo, logos, and symbols. These will be applied to your postcard design. You will also need a credit card and your mailing list.

And a benefit of setting up a Postcard Campaign? We will store, and then automatically apply your personalized details and photos onto future campaign design sends. Then we will mail it out for you automatically on your schedule!
How do I cancel my Postcard Campaign?
After you set up your campaign, you will have access to a Campaign Dashboard located in your account. From here you can modify all aspects of your scheduled sends. You can edit your information, mailing lists, and pause or cancel your campaign.
How long does a Postcard Campaign run?
They will run until you stop them! From a few months to a couple years — the choice is yours. MagnetStreet Postcard Campaigns are unique and one-of-a-kind, because we put you in control!
Can I use multiple mailing lists on a single order?
No. Multiple lists will need to be combined into a single list per order.