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School Contact Magnets

Be there every time they need you. Simple in design but powerful in purpose, School Contact Magnets offer a convenient way for parents, teachers and students to quickly locate your school’s contact information. Unlike paper, which can often get lost, Contact Magnets maintain a stable presence by displaying directly on the fridge or filing cabinet. With their durable quality and dependable location, Contact Magnets are a highly effective—​and affordable—​communication tool.

Fun & Effective Designs

From playful cartoons to modern layouts, our designs work for a variety of Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

    Shop design templates featuring:
  • Pencils, crayon boxes, and other illustrations
  • School photography (personalized)
  • School mascot or logo (personalized)
  • Plus more

School Contact Magnets also work great for individual classrooms and after-school groups. You can easily personalize any design to fit your unique student group.

Personalize Your Design

Personalize any Contact Magnet with your phone number, fax number, email address, website—​any contact details you want to share.

    You can also personalize the design itself:
  • Change the colors to match your school
  • Add your school photo
  • Add your school logo or mascot

Have fun designing your personalized School Contact Magnet!