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Order Guide

School Order Guide

1. Prepare

  • Verify the quantity you need
  • Collect Payment information
  • Verify the text you plan to include
    (address, phone number, etc.)
  • Locate the file for your photo or mascot (.jpg, .eps, or .ai files)

2. Personalization

  • Choose a design
  • Decide on a background color
    (if you wish to change it)
    View Color Options

3. School Calendar

  • Check how many categories your design’s legend code allows (varies by design).
  • Decide on the name and letter code for each of your categories.
    F - First / Final Day
    H - Holdiay
  • It might be helpful to print and fill out the Calendar Form ahead of time.

Place Your Order

Ordering Online

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What’s a Layout Number?

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Sign in or Create Account.
  2. Select your design.
  3. Select your quantity,
    then click Add to Cart & Personalize.
  4. Click Personalize to add your personalized color, image, etc.
  5. Click Continue to enter your legend codes right to the calendar.
  6. Click Continue to continue to cart.
  7. Check out

Ordering by Fax or Mail

If you plan to order by mail or fax,
download and complete the pdf order form.

Download School Order Form