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Baseball Schedules

Schedules are up-to-date for the abbreviated 2020 season. Share the most unique season in baseball history!

2020 Baseball Schedule Magnets

Turn baseball fans into valuable clients this season! Score impressions every week from spring through autumn.

*Although we have taken every precaution to ensure that schedules are accurate, MagnetStreet is not responsible for schedule changes or cancellation due to COVID-19.
Baseball Magnetcard Schedules

MagnetCard Schedules

  • Laminated card with magnet strip
  • Easy-to-read schedule
  • Baseball championships on backside
  • Coordinating envelopes and customized insert available
Baseball Full Magnet Schedules

Full Magnet Schedules

  • Premium, fully-magnetic schedule
  • Vivid team colors
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Coordinating envelopes and customized insert available

Round out your Baseball Marketing with Custom Team Envelopes and Inserts

Baseball Magnetcard Schedules

Expand your marketing reach with our direct mail solutions

New for 2020!

  • Customizable team-branded insert
  • Team-branded envelopes

It's proven that eye-catching envelopes with a strong call-to-action is a key factor in getting recipients to open your mail piece. Vibrant home team envelopes are just the ticket!

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