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    Change the Date Cards

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What are change the date cards?

Change the date cards are sent to wedding guests to let them know the date of your wedding has changed. Change the date cards are typically sent to people who have already received a wedding invitation. If you haven't sent wedding invitations yet, you can send change the date cards to anyone you sent save the dates to.

When should you announce the postponement of a wedding?

Once you know for certain that the wedding is going to be postponed, you should announce it as soon as possible. This allows guests to cancel any reservations or travel plans they may have already made. This is also a good opportunity to enquire about refunds on any deposits that you may have made with venues, caterers, photographers, or other services. Check any contracts you've signed with vendors to see what sort of clauses they offer for cancellation or postponement — they may provide a timeline and details for specific circumstances, such as an Act of God, illness, or bereavement.

What to say when you need to change the date of your wedding?

To change the date of your wedding, you can say as much or as little as you want. Check out these examples that MagnetStreet offers on our Change the Date cards:

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the wedding of (bride) and (groom) has been postponeli>
  • Out of an abundance of concern for the health and safety of our closest friends and family, we have decided to postpone our weddinli>
  • We have decided to postpone our wedding.
  • You can add a message at the bottom that lets guests know what your new date is or to check for updates at your wedding website. Or if you don't know what your new date will be, you can say that another invitation with a new date will be coming soon.