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Magnetic Calendars
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Magnetic Calendars

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Customer Raves & Reviews

Jan 17, 2015
3 Doors, Blue background Full Magnet Calendars Very easy and professional company to work with! Plenty of options to work with and customize.
Great Product
Jan 23, 2014
Open Front Door, Brown Full Magnet Calendars My magnet calendars turned out great for a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend MagnetStreet.
Excellent magnets
Dec 28, 2013
Team Front Door with Flag, Dark Red Full Magnet Calendars I've been using Magnetstreet for a number of years as the quality of the magnet is far superior to other's I have tried.
Loved these calendars!
Oct 23, 2013
Front Door with Flag, Dark Red Full Magnet Calendars These calendars look awesome. I always order my calendars from Magnet Street, and as usual, they look amazing! They always come quickly and the colors are dead on right. I will continue to use Magnet Street for my calendars every year!
Lovely calendar
Nov 27, 2012
Front Door with Flag, Dark Red Full Magnet Calendars Magnet Street is so helpful and makes for an problem free purchase.