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Save the Dates

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2.25" x 5.875" Magnets
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2.25" x 5.875" Magnets

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Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

Sep 14, 2013
Long in Style Save the Date Magnets My magnet came out beautifully! The custom colors were great and the pictures were clear. It is a perfect size and a wonderful design. The price was also very affordable- I would definitely recommend this save the date magnet!
Jan 26, 2014
Long in Style Save the Date Magnets I loved my magnet save the date. It was great choosing the custom colors matching my wedding colors. One issue with this particular , as I have ordered many, The colors on the 'save the date' field and the actual date field did not match. I chose both as coral, the words save the date looked coral but the date looked hot pink. Appears to be a glitch in the design of this magnent. Its not THAT noticable so I still loved it.
Perfect save the date
May 17, 2013
Long in Style Save the Date Magnets Our magnet save the dates arrived yesterday. The order was processed quickly and shipped fast as well. My magnets came in a pretty blue box and very organized. The photos look great as well. I recommend ordering a sample as at first I used a photo taken with my iPhone and was blurry in proof. Exchanges it with a jpg pic off my computer and all 3 photos are crisp and great! We love this save the date.
Love it!
Aug 6, 2012
Long in Style Save the Date Magnets These magnets were easy to design and arrived very quickly! The finished product looked exactly like what I designed online. I love them!
Amazing save the dates!
Jan 24, 2014
Long in Style Save the Date Magnets I am very happy with the product I recieved. You prepared my product and shipped it so quickly And it turned out wonderful!