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When do you send save the dates?

When you send save the dates typically depends on whether your wedding is a destination or a local celebration. For a local occasion, 6 months in advance is appropriate. Consider adding a bit more time (up to 8 months) if many of your guests don't live close by, your wedding is on a weekday, or if it takes place during the wedding or holiday seasons.

If you're holding your destination ceremony in sunny Jamaica, plan to send your save the dates 8-12 months in advance to allow for guests to plan and budget their trips. Use this timeline to learn when to order and mail save the dates.

What do you put on a save the date?

Your save the date card should include, at minimum, your name and your fiancé’s name, the date of your celebration, and the location of your ceremony. Even if you don't have a venue booked yet, you can at least include the town and state if you know where it might be. Then you can include a short statement about how the formal invitation will follow in the future.

Do you send save the dates to everyone?

You should send your save the dates to people you definitely plan on inviting because once those save the dates are in the mail, you can't unsend them. Save the dates are considered a pre-wedding invitation that informs your guests of your wedding date and lets them plan ahead, so only send them to people on the final guest list.

Are save the dates necessary?

Save the dates are a convenient way to give your guests a heads up on your planned wedding date so that they can say no to other commitments, plan for travel (or childcare if your wedding is adults only), and let’s guests know that they are definitely invited to the wedding. If you don’t send save the dates, you run the risk of having people miss your special day because they weren’t given time to plan ahead.