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Organza Bags

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Customer Raves & Reviews

perfect bag
Mar 26, 2014
Classic Yellow Organza Bags Perfect size. Good quality. True to color...like a lemon yellow. Perfect for my wedding.
perfect bag
Mar 26, 2014
Orange Organza Bags Perfect size. Good quality. TRUE to color. I ordered this after returning the "carrot" bags due to them not being orange at all (more like gold). So I was very happy when I got these. Love them!
Glad I found them!
Jul 2, 2013
Sapphire Organza Bags I live in the 3rd largest city in Pennsylvania with three craft stores and couldn't find anything remotely close to sapphire blue for my niece's bridal shower. So I was thrilled when I found these bags!!
Mar 13, 2013
Classic Gray Organza Bags perfect little bags, arrived in a very timely manner
Beautiful Color!!
Aug 27, 2012
Sapphire Organza Bags These organza bags are BEAUTIFUL in person -- the sapphire blue is such a brilliant shade! I love it. I also personalized some cute favor tags to go with them. I can't wait to give them to our guests!