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Football Schedule Magnets

It’s football season! Fans cannot wait to cheer on their home team, which means it’s time to tackle your fall marketing with Football Schedule Magnets. Join in the team pride by adding your business information to a fridge magnet with your team’s schedule. Vibrant 2 Football Schedule Magnets will have clients raving over their home team—​and your business!

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Customer Reviews

Great Marketing Pieces!

I've used MagnetStreet for 10+ years and their sports schedules are one piece of mail your clients won't see as "junk mail." I'm amazed how many sales they have created and clients tell me it was having my face and number right there on the fridge that triggered their memory. I do football, baseball, and the basketball/hockey combo so my contact info is in front of my clients literally year-round at a very reasonable cost!

Reviewed by FredatRemax
August 8, 2013

Promotional Sports Schedule Magnets

Their team may not always win—​but your marketing will.

Win or lose, fans follow their favorite teams with loyal passion. Capitalize on that passion by packaging your marketing i