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How to plan your modern wedding stationery with confidence!

Get the answers to the most popular wedding stationery questions.
Be in the know to keep this area of wedding planning a breeze and even stress free.
What to say ...
How to say it ...
When to send it ...
And why is it all so important?

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What does “setting the tone” actually mean?

Setting the tone is about setting the mood and formality—​through a consistent use of color, theme, wording, and design. From classic-country, to urban-chic, creating just the right atmosphere for your wedding is accomplished through a branded wedding look. Carry your vision and design elements throughout—​from your attire and décor to your invitation suite.
Think of your stationery as the showpiece of your wedding style and the first look for your guests. It serves to create anticipation and communicate formality for your big day.
And while setting the tone may begin with your save the date, it will be
your invitation that guests will look to as their go-to reference on the style and formality of your wedding.

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Which invitation enclosures do we need?

Enclosures are stationery items that are sent along with the wedding invitation. Most suites typically include these enclosures: RSVP card and a guest information card.
Other possible enclosures include:
• map {perfect for guests without GPS or internet phones}
• reception card {used when the reception is held at a different location}
• travel cards {for destination weddings}
Enclosure card needs vary and are dependent on the style and individual circumstances of the wedding.

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What should we include on our save the dates?

The essential information that should be included on your save the date is:
• your names
• wedding date
• city and state you’re getting married in
• travel info and perhaps your wedding website
Include helpful info: save the dates are terrific resources—​especially if you’re having a destination wedding, or your date falls within the busy summer months, on a non-traditional day, or near a holiday.
Snapshots of love: Using 1-3 fun photos from your engagement session, courtship or childhood is popular too.
Set the tone, or just have fun: The choice is yours! Start setting the tone or simply show off your personalities with a fun design.

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5 ways to save on your stationery budget:

1) Save on postage: send postcard rate save the date postcards or
send RSVP postcards with your invitations.
2) Include necessary enclosures only: RSVP and guest information cards. Print your wedding website on your save the date for additional guest info: maps, travel, etc.
3) Eliminate the need for a reception card: if your reception immediately follows your ceremony have “Reception to follow“ printed at the bottom of your invitation.
4) Avoid additional postal charges: take one assembled invitation envelope to the post office for an accurate mailing cost.
5) Get a better per-piece price: order all of your stationery items at once.
  * hint: order 25 extra

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What is modern wedding etiquette?

Etiquette refers to what is customary in how we communicate and relate with each other in certain social situations. While modern weddings enjoy more freedoms of expression than in the past {think fun wording and color on invitations for starters!} certain conventions are sure to remain. Etiquette will always be important and respect for your guests is paramount.
The three biggest areas to pay attention to with your wedding stationery are:
• grammar
• wording
• addressing the invitation envelopes
That said, check all spellings, word your invitation for tone and formality, and properly address the envelopes so that it is clear who is being invited.

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How do we word our modern invitation?

Word your invitation according to the style and formality of your wedding. Whether it’s casual, formal or somewhere in-between, use the best and most appropriate word choices to set the tone for your day. While following basic etiquette guidelines, be inspired to reflect the spirit of your wedding. If you’re having a casual park wedding, use wording that reflects the fun and relaxed atmosphere that you’re envisioning. If you’re having a destination wedding, use the flavor of the locale in your wording choices.
Feel great about letting your personality shine through while creating anticipation and excitement for your big day. See our wording guide for using:
professional titles
military titles
• special family dynamics (divorced parents and stepparents)

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When should we plan out our guest list?

As soon as you’ve determined your budget! Why are we bringing up the guest list here and now? Because many of your wedding planning choices have to do with how many guests will be in attendance. For instance, your guest count will affect which venues you choose, the number of invitations you order, and how you address the envelopes. That said, the faster you’re able to make this decision, the better.
We suggest that you divide the list between you, your parents and your groom’s parents. Begin with a primary list and in lieu of declines and cancellations, have a secondary list in which to draw from.
Tip: If you have to pare down your list for budgetary reasons, considering not inviting one or more of these groups: dates, children, co-workers, distant relatives and friends.

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How do we address our wedding envelopes?

Addressing your wedding envelopes goes hand in hand with the guidelines of basic etiquette. Aside from not using abbreviations for street names, states, military and professional titles, the main thing to remember is to respect the manner in which your guests would like to be addressed. This will take thoughtfulness, time and finesse. Which guests have professional titles? Which friends prefer Mr. Ms., Mrs., or have kept their maiden name, etc.?

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What must be on every wedding invitation?

Basic anatomy for every invitation will include 9 essential components:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson 1) inviting hosts
request the honour of your presence2) request line
at the marriage of their daughter
Anna Evelyn to3) bride
Mr. John Michael Smith4) groom
Saturday, the twenty-third of July5) date
two thousand seventeen6) year
at five o’clock7) time
Grace Fellowship Church8) location
Osceola, Wisconsin9) city & state

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Can we get our wedding stationery in any color we want?

Modern weddings are all about color and the ability to personalize! Here at MagnetStreet Weddings, you have the creative freedom to get any stationery design in any color you want and the ability to freely personalize your design:
• match your own colors
• upload your photos
• choose your fonts
• create your own wording
Reflect your personality, style and theme by keeping creative control over each of your wedding stationery items. You can even see your colors and design in person when you order Just One®.