Yosemite wedding shoot
Exquisite Wedding in the Most Breathtaking Church
feminine color scheme portrait
Gorgeous Bold Summer Wedding Inspiration
adventures on the gorge wedding
Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life! It is important you have stylish wedding stationery that you’re proud to send and the perfect palettes to paint your wedding day. We love sharing real stories that inspire us—and we hope they inspire you throughout your wedding planning journey.


Yosemite Wedding Shoot
Earthy, delicate, and rich all describe this breathtaking Yosemite wedding shoot! We can't imagine a more stunning setting for bridal portraits than Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. A menagerie of backdrops and a moody kaleidoscope of colors adorned this shoot-—the mountains, Yosemite Falls, towering evergreens, gold chairs, antique decor, and a cool vintage mobile bar to name a few. The...Read more
Top 5 Save the Date Questions Answered
5+ Save the Date Questions Asked & Answered Our wedding team gets lots of questions regarding etiquette around sending save the dates! Here are the most-asked save the date questions we get. But first, what is a save the date, exactly? (Pardon the obvious here, but it's good for us to be on the same page.) A save the date is a brief "pre-invitation" to alert your guests that they are invited...Read more
Urban Engagement Session With An Adorable Dog
Welp, hate to admit it ... but autumn is right around the corner. It's breezy, the mornings are getting cooler, and even the leaves are starting to change. They say if you can't beat them, join them. So we're joining in and digging up some inspiration with this fabulous early fall urban engagement session that features an adorable furry friend and some gorgeous autumny colors. We all know most...Read more
Exquisite Wedding in the Most Breathtaking Church
The bride and groom in this real wedding, Amanda and Ben, are after our own hearts with all the exquisite wedding details from their spring soiree in Oshkosh, WI. After meeting through mutual friends and dating for five years, Ben popped the question. And the rest, as they say, is history! Amanda & Ben's Exquisite Wedding Details We're so lucky the stars aligned for them, so that we can share...Read more
How To Write Thank You Notes After Your Big Day
Wedding Etiquette 104: How To Write Thank You Notes It's time. Is your writing hand ready? Your fab new pens in hand? Oh, and I guess don't forget to have your stack of thank you notes ready to go. Let's be honest, it's a task a lot of us have not loved doing since we were kids ... writing out dozens of thank you notes following all the planning and celebration. It's kind of the final step of...Read more
Rustic Garden Wedding With A Feminine Color Scheme
Garden wedding days never cease to take our breath away! The lush greenery, magnificent florals, and romantic ambiance make for such a magical setting. Jillian and Kevin's dreamy wedding photos, mesmerizing decor, and feminine color scheme definitely caught our eye. So naturally we have to share their wedding with you! To say the Living Sculpture Sanctuary in Florida is a dream wedding location,...Read more
Gorgeous Bold Summer Wedding Inspiration
It's gorgeous. So colorful. Simply dreamy. And the flowers! We are absolutely gushing over this stunning bold summer wedding shoot by Magnolia Photography. The breathtaking flowers arrangements, tablescape, centerpieces, and a fairyland backdrop of wispy willows and quiet country of the South Carolina location provides so much inspiration for an elegant summer wedding. Neutral hues are always...Read more
Wedding Program Wording
More than just a pretty day-of accessory, Wedding Programs are your stylish opportunity to outline your ceremony and draw guests into the story of your day! 3 factors when picking your wedding program type/size: Your wedding style Formality Wording: simple or info-filled (based on the need to explain: traditions, customs, rituals) Truly Engaging by MagnetStreet offers 6 different Wedding Program...Read more
Wedding Stationery Trend: Formal Save the Dates
Elegant Poses + Fancy Attire + Stunning Scenery Save the dates come in all shapes and forms ... and we love the variety that our real couples choose and customize as their own. Classic, funny, modern, rustic, non-photo, vintage, formal ... there really is a save the date for every style. We're highlighting formal save the dates here—a hot trend we're seeing everywhere. So many couples are opting...Read more
Summer's in full swing, but we are totally crushing on Kristina and Mark’s Adventures on the Gorge wedding held this past winter. Perched on the rim of the New River Gorge in Lansing, West Virginia, this stunning wedding venue ( Adventures on the Gorge , which is also a whitewater rafting resort!) is a dream. On top of the stunning scenery with unparalleled views of the river and wilderness, we...Read more
asking for cash gifts
Ugh. awkward subject, isn't it? As uncomfortable as this idea may be, asking for cash instead of wedding gifts is a growing trend. Blame the economy. Or, it's the simple fact that more couples are paying for their own weddings. And, while it's true that most guests bring gifts, do we have the right to assume this of them? On the other hand, while asking for cash instead of gifts may seem like it...Read more
The level of pure fun (and love, of course) emanates from Katie and Will's Jockey Hollow engagement sesh! With early spring in the air, the lovely couple headed to Jockey Hollow—an area in New Jersey that is rich with history with events dating back to the very beginnings of the United States. (We're talking Civil War and all!) A Jockey Hollow Engagement Session Little yellow blossoms on the...Read more