7 Reasons to Color Zentangle Patterns

Feb 10 2016

Find Your Zen: Free Color Pages of Zentangle Patterns

So, what are Zentangle patterns? Pull the word itself apart and you get “zen” and “tangle.” Relax and find your zen … with tangles? Yes, something like that. It’s an official, unique art form of creating beautiful images from repetitive and unintentional patterns (or tangles, if you will). Zentangle has emerged in today’s pop culture via adult coloring books … or even wedding stationery (such as our own Zentangle Bloom design).

It’s a seriously fun craze we are excited about, because we LOVE color! We’ve created a gorgeous collection of Zentangle pattern color pages (with heartfelt quotes) that you can download for FREE!

Now, see why it’s good for all of us to color!

Why It's Good to Color Zentangle Patterns

Zentangle Patterns & Wedding Planning

1. Relax: It’s a simple and carefree way to unwind after a busy day of working, wedding planning–and just being an adult in general! There’s a bit of science behind it, too. Coloring allows the fear center of your brain to relax, thereby relaxing you while you color and beyond.

2. Nurture Your Creativity: Because it helps free your thoughts from the day-to-day responsibilities, coloring Zentangle patterns allows  your creativity to flow freely and without thinking actively. Some of our best ideas (i.e. wedding plans!) come to us when we’re not actively thinking about them.

3. Relieve Stress: It’s a form of meditation you can do in your own home! Fall into a state of zen as you mindlessly color in each intricate spot on your color page. Coloring Zentangle patterns can literally lull you into a meditative state as you aimlessly fill the page with color.

4. Improve Your Sleep: You know the the whole being lulled into a meditative state? Just let that lead up to your sleep time! Instead of being awoken at 2am with the next day’s to-dos, those thoughts will be sorted out as you color–and your brain and body will thank you.

5. Create Beautiful Art: What a perfect chance to DIY it up and create easy pieces of bright wall art for your home! Fill up inexpensive frames with your Zentangle masterpieces to hang in your home, or go a step beyond and use them as part of your wedding day decor.

6. Offers Design Diversity: There are SO many coloring book options out there! They range from florals, folk art, sea life, nature scenes, cats, dragons, mandala, butterflies … and much, much, MUCH more! Think of your coloring book as your own personal planning journal, of sorts.

7. It’s Fun: Besides the nostalgic element of coloring, many adults are turning this hobby into a social one! Gather with friends and host a color party with apps and wine as you discuss wedding ideas … or what a fun bridal shower activity! Remember, you’re never too old or cool to color.

Pull out your markers, crayons or colored pencils* … and get your Zentangle on!

*warning: this new hobby may cause color envy … did somebody say 72-count colored pencils?

Share your colorful Zentangle creation with us!

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Tangerine Wedding Color Inspiration

Feb 8 2016

Dreamy Tangerine Wedding Inspiration

This Color Monday, we are diving into the fresh, vibrant and tangerine-filled Cheery color palette in our Spring 2016 Wedding Color Trends. A tangerine wedding color scheme may not seem to be a go-to … but it’s becoming very trendy and super versatile across many different wedding styles!

Bold and vibrant, tangerine is a perfect color for a spring wedding! Filled with spring’s warmth, tangerine and other shades of orange accented by lighter hues of green and yellow can keep any wedding look modern, vintage, or contemporary. In this nearly-fall-inspired palette, a gorgeous shade of orange-red also adds a burst of lively color. A harmonious palette such as this provides just the right amount of drama and romance to balance out an overall decadent feel.

Your wedding stationery (as you can see here!) is a fantastic way to incorporate dreamy tangerine, light yellows, greens, and rich orange. But beyond setting the tone of your big day with fun, modern, romantic stationery— incorporate dreamy tangerine into the day-of festivities with beautiful florals, chic heels, shining jewelry, and flowing bridesmaid dresses!

Tangerine  |  Pumpkin  |  Butter |  Sage
Tangerine Wedding Stationery Cheery spring color palette

The Designs

Vintage    Vintage Botanicals Tea-length Wedding Program
A modern yet vintage romance feel thrives on this floral design suite. Bold Victorian blooms are flourished across the stationery pieces, while lines and scripted fonts create an overall modern romantic feel.

Modern Geometric   Love Aligned Save the Dates
There’s a whole lot to love about this geometric design suite. Diagonal lines zoom across the designs with playful abandon, while colorful triangles form hearts and other eclectic accents. Unique fonts round out the look to this modern-meets-retro suite.

Contemporary     Washed in Love Wedding Invitation
Bold typography elements and soft watercolor strokes blend together perfectly in this design suite. The splashes of paint and crisp typography create a look that is both artistic and modern.

Order a free sample pack of these three tangerine wedding stationery designs!

Order a free Tangerine Wedding Stationery sample pack

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Create Your Own Unique Save the Dates

Feb 5 2016

Unique Save the Dates Designed by Real Couples

Not sure about sending out your own personalized, unique Save the Dates for the big day? In a recent online survey we conducted, a wow-worthy result popped out that we want to share with you!

72% of wedding guests find save the date magnets or cards to be the best way to remember a wedding date.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way. So, you’re blissfully in love and cannot wait to let guests know about the biggest day of your life ahead. How you do it is completely up to you, but as you can see—Save the Dates are still highly effective … and easy to design.

From Templates to Stunning Designs

Check out these gorgeous couples who uploaded their own beautiful photos and made clever  text and color tweaks to existing Save the Date templates on our website. The end result? Truly DIY-esque and unique Save the Dates designs their guests surely cherished!

live.laugh.love Save the Date Postcard 

live.laugh.love Unique Save the Dates before & after design

The Story    “The colored photo in the canoe was taken at the lake in our hometown. There are two lakes that surround our small town in South Dakota where we grew up. My husband’s parents actually live on the lake so we spent many days on the water. The lighting and scenery of that photo reminds me of the absolute beauty of nature and the memories we have on the water.”

Our Vow Save the Date Postcard

Our Vow Unique Save the Dates before & after design

The Photo    “The black and white photo was taken in my father’s 1963 red Ford Falcon Futura convertible. I grew up driving this car around town every summer as much as I could. My husband and I actually grew up together so I loved this candid photo that was taken in a vehicle with so much history, yet it represents moving forward into the future.”

Made for Each Other Save the Date Magnet

Made For Each Other Unique Save the Dates before & after design

The Technique    “We messed around with a few (templates) and compared. What made our decision was when the one we really liked had a spot for a main picture & then three slots on the side for 3 pictures – we loved the theme but we only wanted to use two pictures really. So I decided to take the same picture and place it in all 3 spots on the side of our main photo and place them just right so they would line up and look as if it’s just one picture. It is one picture just placed three different times, as soon as I got that figured out, we knew it was the one.”

Snapshot Sweetness Save the Date Magnet
Snapshot Sweetness Unique Save the Dates before & after design

The Significance  After 9/11 my fiancé decided he wanted to be a firefighter. He saves lives every day and on this day he saved me—and our special wedding date.”

With just a few color and text tweaks, and GREAT photographs—these couples created their own fab designs full of tons of meaning!  From our thousands of templates, or the option to upload your own design for us to print—we’re here to make the process fun and seamless for every couple. Good luck on your designing journey! :)

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Yellow Wedding Stationery Color Schemes

Feb 1 2016

Yellow Wedding Stationery for a Luminous Spring

Ready to brighten up the day? Look no further than the Luminous color palette in our Spring 2016 Color Trends! Grounded in sunny classic yellow, this color scheme makes it easy to incorporate gorgeous yellow wedding stationery into your wedding day look. It’s sure to add a ton of cheer and sunshine to your big day … and bring lots of smiles to friends and family!

Garden and nature-inspired illustrations work great with this yellow wedding stationery sunny palette, but there are no limits to its versatility. Classic yellow combined with pinks, grays, and greens makes this color scheme sweetly brilliant and dazzling across any modern, contemporary, or classic wedding day theme.

From a variety of beautiful blooms to pops of these luminous colors at the reception—see how the ultra-chic Luminous color scheme works perfect across three different MagnetStreet design suites!

Classic Yellow | Slate | Celery | Cream Rose

yellow wedding stationery luminous palette

The Designs

Unique/Garden     In the Garden Wedding Program
Cute dragonflies flutter throughout your wording on both sides, while fresh blades of grass and dandelions decorate the front. Ideal for a summer or garden-inspired wedding, this design is modern, eye-catching and playfully romantic.

Modern     So Sharp! Save the Dates
This suite is full of geometric fun, bold typography, and flair—assuring it will be eye-catching for friends and family as they prep for your unique wedding day affair. Your photo is displayed against a fun and fabulous background of geometric color blocks and sweet polka dots.

Contemporary     Botanical Cascade Wedding Invitation
Graphic floral illustrations add beauty and romance to this stationery suite, accented by little hearts and petals that playfully pattern the backgrounds. Completing the look with typography, color, and your favorite photos, this design suite offers layers of contemporary fun!

Order a free sample pack of these three gorgeous designs!

yellow wedding stationery luminous palette

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