10 Favor Tag Ideas

Submitted by Heidi on Thursday - July 19, 2012

One of the many things my mom taught me, was to always take time and special care when trimming a gift. In other words--make it pretty and special for the person to open.

Today's post is prompted by our clever customers who are taking our NEW Favor Tags and uniquely personalizing them to tie in their wedding look and theme. From messaging to motifs, we've fashioned this post as inspiration for the many ways you can pretty up your presents with personalized favor tags.


Here are 10 *bride-approved* Favor Tag ideas for adorning your favor boxes & organza bags, etc.

1. An inspiring saying, an interesting tidbit or fun fact--perfect for the couple spreading love, good thoughts & words of wisdom.

"Field of Love" Favor Tag

personalized gift favor tag



2. Flower & care instructions for seed favors--perfect for the couple scattering a green attitude of eco-consciousness.

"Flower Enchantment" Favor Tag



3. Favorite photo: Be it the two of you or a special locale--the photo favor tag is perfect for couples commemorating their destination wedding or big day with a picture that's worth 1000 words!

"Vision of Love" Favor Tag

personalized favor tag



4. Donation in lieu of favors is a trend that's taking modern weddings by storm--perfect for couples with a specific cause that's close to their hearts!

"Birds in Bloom" Favor Tag



5. Personal information: let them know about your new crib, web address, phone number--perfect for couples who can't wait to stay in touch!"

"Vintage Applique" Favor Tag

personalized favor gift tags



6. A simple message of thanks--perfect for couples that want to combine thoughtfulness with their theme and season.

"Fall Getaway" Favor Tag

themed gift tag



7. The defining quote--perfect for the couple with a saying, quote or poem that defines their relationship and exemplifies their style.

"Treetop Love" Favor Tag

personalized gift favor tag



8. Sweet words for the candy bar--perfect for the couples spreading love and joy through their wedding buffet of confectionery delights!

"Honeycomb Cluster" Favor Tag

personalized favor gift tags



9.  A simple recipe--perfect for the couple stirring in a keepsake of one of their fave recipes of warmth and yummy goodness.

"Fancy Blossoms" Favor Tag

personalized favor gift tags


10. A continuation of wedding colors and design--straightforward and perfect for the couple keeping it simple and sweet.

"Tender Tree" Favor Tag

personalized favor tag


Did you know that any Favor/Gift Tag can be personalized to coordinate with your wedding invitations? You can have them in any color you want--even custom colors! Simply irresistible--a custom favor tag adds decor and another level of detail to your wedding favor.

Browse Favor/Gift Tags at MagnetStreet Weddings ... play in Design Studio {our online personalization tool} to find the tag that's perfect for you!


Which is your favorite Gift Tag idea?