1000th Blog Post: Giveaway

Jun 26 2012

Today marks our 1000th blog post! Woo Hoo! Wow! Imagine that … We have certainly come a long way– and to celebrate this little milestone of ours–we’re giving away 250 Wedding Favor Boxes. Any size. Any design.

Our Favor Boxes are easily personalized all 6 sides–with your colors {you can even create custom colors}, photos, fonts, monogram, wording! Play in Design Studio and see the changes right away!

MagnetStreet Giveaway


HOW TO ENTER: Leave a 2-part comment on this post! 

1. Which is your favorite category on Truly Engaging?
2. Which is your favorite Wedding Favor Box & design? Tell us why!

Easy peasy.

Rules & Regs:
1. One entry per person. on this post.
2. Enter giveaway on this post.
3. Giveaway ends Monday, July 2, 2012.

Good Luck! We can’t wait to hear what you think about our new Favor Boxes!

A Few Fun Facts about Truly Engaging

We started waaay back in December 2007. At first, it was only 2-3 posts a week and since then, we’ve worked our way up to 5 posts a week, changed our looks once {any one remember the champagne bubbles?}.

What else is new?
Now, we have 3 contributing authors: Rachel, Lindsay, Heidi

Regular features include:
Color Mondays {Lindsay}
Truly Engaged {Rachel}
Celebrity Save the Date {Rachel}
-our designs Your Way {celebrating the real weddings and real engagement-sessions of MagnetStreet couples}

We’re excited about this milestone–and look forward to 1000 more!


Announced 7/3/12
GIVEAWAY WINNER: Congratulations to our random winner Shyda!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. We appreciate all of your thoughtful and kind comments regarding Truly Engaging and our new Wedding Favor Boxes! We have lots more in store for you–so please keep your comments coming.

Happy Fourth of July!


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63 thoughts on “1000th Blog Post: Giveaway

  1. 1. My favorite category on Truly Engaging is the “Inspiration: DIY ideas”, because I am “DIY-ing”  almost 80% of my wedding.

    2. LOVE the favor boxes! My favorite wedding favor box and design from Magnet Street is the “Enchanted Encounter”. This is by far my favorite design and also the design that we chose for our Save The Dates!

  2. 1. I love the Real Weddings – I feel like if I can see it done elsewhere I can certainly do the same thing!

    2. I absolutely LOVE the Photo Collection boxes. We are doing truffles from the Chubby Chipmunk back near where I grew up to bring a taste of home to my wedding in Colorado. The truffles look so good I’d love to compliment the truffles with some great looking packaging too!

    Congrats on such a great and successful blog!

  3. 1. My favorite category on the Truly Engaging Blog is the Real Weddings: Cultural because I am marrying a man from another country and ethnicity, and my entire family is truly multi-ethnic. It’s interesting to see how other people have represented the marriage of two people and two cultures. Great ideas!
    2.My favorite wedding favor box is the Soft and Sweet because of the too cute cherry blossoms. We live just outside of DC – famous for its cherry blossom festival. We’re thinking of working that motif into our wedding plans for next spring!

  4. I like the celebrity save the date section- I also like the slide show wedding favor boxes. There are so many details you can put on the box. It can encompass a lot of information you want to share

  5. 1.) I love the Real Weddings category in ‘Truly Engaging.’ Weddings become this whole fairytale come true to every bride and I love seeing all the happiness in the couple and seeing all the inspiring details of their wedding!

    2.) I’ve always like ‘The Enchanted Encounter’ design. The name speaks for itself. It’s truly enchanted, romantic, and meant-to-be! We got our save the dates using this design! Love, love, love them!

  6. My favorite category is read weddings. I love to see what other couples did to make their day extra special!

    My favorite wedding favor box is classic love

  7. I like the “DIY” area because it makes things more personalized!!
    2. I love the ” Made for Eachother” favor boxes because they are very simple yet cute and they kind of match our save the dates 🙂 I also like the sweet love because it has one of our wedding colors and is still very pretty

  8. My fiance and I like the DIY section. My favorite wedding favor box would have to be the Watercolor Hibiscus, but all of them are really nice.

  9. My favorite part of Truely Engaging is the Real Weddings section. I swear I could look at pictures of weddings all day long! Too bad it isn’t conducive to getting work done!
    My favorite favor box is the Enchanted Encounter box. I love it because it is simple and sweet and we would be able to put one of our engagement photos on it. Plus, I am big into monograms, so I love the option of having a big ‘D’ on our favor box.

  10. The Flower Flourish is my ultimate favorite! In the small box shape. My favorite section is the Inspiration boards! Awesome giveaway!!!

  11. i really love the real weddings section especially the cultural ones. so may great ideas! for the favor boxes i really love the love owlways

  12. Congrats on the 1,000th Blog Post!! And thanks for the giveaway!

    1 – I love the “Unique Ideas” section on. I’m always looking for ways to be slightly unique in my own way and these ideas always give me the “ah-ha” moment I was looking for!

    2 – The favor boxes are super cute. My favorite would be the “Antique Flourish” design-which matches my Modern Vintage theme for my wedding next May!!

  13. I love the DIY section I am a DIY bride and I know that all the ideas I get help me sooo much!
    And I would choose the Romantic Mason Jar favors in the rectangle boxes they would be perfect for my wedding! (and I dont feel like having my picture plastered everywhere for the wedding)

  14. I absolutely love looking at all the Real Wedding! I’m such an idea stealer!!!

    The Romantic Ruche favor boxes (2x2x2) are my favorite. They are the same as the Save The Date magnets we will be ordering next month and they are so classic, personal, and fun!

  15. I love the Seasonal Wedding section. My wedding is entirely fall themed and I love seeing other ideas. For the boxes, Carved in Love – Autumn is my favorite. It matches my invitations!

  16. My favorite category on Truly Engaging is the DIY section. I love the pictures! I am doing a lot myself with my fiance deployed in Afghanistan. Blogs like this help me find new ideas to pursue and keep myself busy! 🙂
    My favorite box is Lillies of Love! I am using purple and white calla lilies for my wedding flowers 🙂

  17. favorite section – DIY
    Favorite Box- I like the photo collection because it’s fun and you can really make it your own
    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  18. 1.) I love the DIY wedding ideas from Truly Engaged! Your site is amazing and so helpful! Love reading new things everyday!
    2.) I love the Fall Getaway Favor boxes, these are perfect for our fall themed wedding!
    Thank you for allowing me to enter this giveaway, so nice of ya’ll! A big congratulations on your 1000th blog post! Good luck to everyone who enter this giveaway!

  19. 1. I like the DIY section!

    2. The floral ornament boxes are my favorite!


  20. 1) My favorite category is the “Real Wedding” section…great way to see good ideas in action.
    2) I really like the classic boxes
    Congrats on 1000!

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  22. 1. inspiration Boards
    2. “Signature of Love” (My invitations) except with more personalization (otherwise they kind of look like Chic-fila nugget boxes…although my guests would LOVE chic-fila nuggets as favors! 🙂

  23. Yay for # 1000 !!!!! How exciting =D
    My favorite category has to be the real weddings – I love to see what others have done and at the same time get ideas for our special day…
    As for my favorite wedding favor box / design – it has to be the tree top love !! We love the bird designs and are even doing the birdseed favors at our spring wedding 🙂
    Congrats again on # 1000 !


  24. My favorite section would have to be the Seasonal section of Real Weddings! And my favorite box design is “Florida”!!! Why??? Beacuse I live in florida, by the beach, and will be having a beach wedding next year!!!!

  25. Favourite section is DIY
    I really like the lovely Lavander boxes… my favourite color is purple and my wedding is purple and white so they would fit in nicely

  26. My favorite category is Real Weddings, nothing beats getting a glimpse into people’s most special moments. My favorite box is Graceful Wildflower. Would be perfect for my homemade soap favors!

  27. Congratulations on your 1000th Blog Post Heidi!! That is a HUGE achievement! I know hard it must have been to come up with 1000 creative ideas, it takes a special talent and a true love for writing to come up with the posts you have. I’m at about 35 blog posts myself and still counting. I hope to reach that 1000th mark myself one day soon. 1. Heidzillas and DIY are both great pages, filled with awesome ideas from wedding recaps and offer a lot of great tips and advice. I enjoy seeing the ideas on table numbers, centerpieces and and linen designs. But my favorite has to be Style Me Pretty. I LOVE this page. There are so many magical weddings and glamourous brides shown on here and I have no idea how their photographers are able to capture every wedding detail with such clarity. As I look through the pictures, I start daydreaming about my wedding day and my hopes to have one that’s just as magical. I love looking at the pics of the southern weddings on the Style Me Pretty page, because I could have always pictured myself as a Southern belle. I love the soft, sweet fun loving and charming nature of the south, and could just imagine how darling any wedding out there must be. 2. The Names Written In Sand Wedding Favor Box feels as if they were created for me. My future hubby proposed to me on Lake Michigan, in the sand, and that memory and place will be forever etched in my heart. Everytime I were to look at this wedding favor, it would bring me back to the day we first got engaged, the happiest moment in my life, well at least for now. The only day that I know that’s going to top that is my actual wedding day! But this particular wedding favor is my favorite because it carries such a special personal meaning to both myself and my other half. 🙂

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  29. It’s tough to pick just one favorite category on Truly Engaging, but I would have to go with DIY ideas. It’s helped me so much and has such great ideas! (In second place would be your resources & free tools!) My wedding favor box & design is the Stately Manor large rectangular box – it’s so simple and matches the colors for our upcoming October wedding in New Orleans! Thank you!

  30. I am so glad that I “stumbled upon” your blog. It is great! I am newly engaged and have been overwhelmed by the wedding planning process. Your blog (the Inspiration section, in particular) has helped alleviate some of the stress by giving me ideas about colors, invitations, etc. Thank you. I would love to win the favor boxes (one less thing to worry about). I especially like the “Made for Each Other” design. The name of the box is particular appropo for my wedding. In addition, I love the black and white. Our reception will have a movie “red carpet” them and the sides of the box look like movie film. Thanks for the opportunity and congratulations on your big achievement!!

  31. I love the DIY section. I am getting married on October 13,2012 and would LOVE to win the classic boxes. Glad I discovered your blog lots of ideas.

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  33. I love the DIY section! I just got engaged May 4th and im having a fall wedding I think the ‘Fall Getaway’ is my most favorite favor! This would be perfect with the fall theme we will be having!

  34. I love the seasonal section! I am getting married in December and you have great ideas for weddings that aren’t centered around Christmas colors (which is surprisingly hard to find)!!! Thanks 🙂
    I love the traditional damask favor boxes. They match my invitations that I am ordering from you soon! 🙂

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  36. I have to say, I do love the DIY section. We are getting married in May with a Southern/Beach style and I adore the “East Coast Breeze” design.

    Congratulations on your momentous achievement!

  37. If I have to pick one section.. I would have to say the DIY section. SO many things to do!!! && I really love the power of love design just because it would match perfectly with my theme of my wedding & favors!!! Also, the power of love is very true. It is very strong if it is there!! 🙂

  38. This Blog is FANTASTIC!! I actually love all of the categories but I think the Unquie Ideas is my FAV! Our wedding is in exactly 4 weeks at the country club in our home town! The Pure Rose wedding box favor would be perfect with our theme! Black & White lots of bling and red roses! Aug 4th cant get here soon enough!

  39. I love the personalized wedding favor boxes! My fave is the antique filigree design! These would complement my antique engagement ring, which because is an hierloom, was something i love to show off to everyone! Would love the boxes at our wedding!

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  41. I absolutely love the DIY section! I’m a very artsy person so being able to DIY a lot of my wedding is really fun and I love to see all of the different possibilities!

    My favorite design would have to be the Tree Top Love design. It’s so simple and it fits into the rustic-like theme my fiance and I are looking to have at our wedding. There’s nothing more adorable than seeing two birds sitting in a tree together. 🙂

  42. Congrats on your 1000th post. What an accomplishment. My favorite category is the “Real Wedding” section. It’s nice to see how all those great ideas really look the day of your wedding.

    My favorite design would be the Antique Filigree design. I love the vintage feel. It would fit perfectly with our garden themed wedding. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. Thank you thank you, thank you! I’m so excited to order them! Love the blog! Keep up the great work!

  44. I like your blog…..
    If I have to pick one section.. I would have to say the DIY section. SO many things to do!!!

  45. I love the DIY section the most, sooo inspiring! I couldn’t decide on just one favorite favor box design, I know that i’m soposto but their all beautiful. I’m going to pick love in the woods & fall escape.

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