11 Change the Date Cards to Send to Your Wedding Guests Right Now

Wedding Postponement Cards

Weddings are highly anticipated events, both for the couple and for friends and family members who are excited to celebrate the beginning of a new phase of your life. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can mean that your big day has to be on another date. Whether you're dealing with a family matter, a budget crisis, a relationship complication, or a pandemic, rescheduling your wedding is never fun. However, it does come with one bright side: getting to pick out your change the date cards.

Just like save the date cards, change the dates are all about letting your guests know that plans have had to be adjusted. You can pick out change the dates that match your wedding invitations, choose a coordinating pattern, or go for something totally unique to make sure it stands out in the mail. If you're deciding on change the date cards, we've created a list of 11 great designs to get you started on your search for the perfect postcard.

1. Care & Concern

If you're looking for a compassionate way to let guests know that your wedding has to be rescheduled, the Care & Concern design is a good choice. Its message of well wishes for friends and family with a positive tone and expression of concern for others. It also puts the new date front and center, making it perfect to place on a refrigerator or cork board. The raised foil adds an elegant finishing touch that's suitable for formal weddings.

2. Change the Date

This simplicity of the Change the Date card is straightforward and to the point. The black and white color scheme is both eye-catching and works with any wedding style or theme. It includes a message that directs guests to the wedding website for more information, which is perfect for couples who have already been using this platform to keep guests updated. 

3. Elegant Change

Hand lettering has made a huge comeback in the last few years, and the Elegant Change design lets you get that same sophisticated look in your change the date cards without having to do the hard work of calligraphy. The message here is short and sweet, and the focus is on the new wedding date. It also includes a place at the bottom to provide contact information for guests who may have questions or who are ready to RSVP before the official invitations come out.

4. Change Is Good

If you were planning a spring wedding or are still hoping for a summer wedding, the understated watercolor greenery in the Change Is Good design can give you that fresh, natural feel. The vertical layout of this card makes it a bit more formal than postcard-style change the dates, and it makes it clear to guests to expect a formal invitation later on.

5. Postponed

This simple, postcard-style change the date, appropriately named Postponed, is perfect for couples who know that the wedding will be postponed, but aren't sure about all of the details. Letting your guests know about changes in plans as soon as possible is important, and this card gives the new date and directs them to check the wedding website for updates. The soft pink background with gold foil and romantic font keeps things fun and feminine.

6. Changing Things Up

Blooms that invoke feelings of spring and summer, a delicate script for the names, and clear, easy-to-read type for the details — the Changing Things Up card has it all. This style is especially suited to outdoor weddings, country chic themes, and anything floral. The watercolor style gives it a handmade feel, and the deep hues add eye-catching color.

7. Wedding Update

Couples who are planning modern weddings or those with a more industrial farmhouse theme may like the Wedding Update design. This card strategically places the important information between lines and angles for more emphasis and better visual appeal. The black-and-white color scheme keeps things simple and understated, and there's plenty of room for details and a wedding website link without making it look too cluttered.

8. New Plan

For a couple who is known for rolling with the punches, New Plan change the dates keep that same vibe of always coming out victorious even when life throws a curveball or two. This simple, classic style is a great choice for more formal ceremonies with its elegant name scripting, black and cream colors, and clean sans-serif font for the most important details. The black border gives it added visual drama and makes for an elegant frame.

9. Postponed Our Wedding

This clean, minimalist design works with a wide range of bridal styles, and it maximizes white space to ensure the typed details stand out. The script at the top of the Postponed Our Wedding change the date makes it clear that the wedding has been rescheduled without getting too formal, and it has plenty of room for all of the important details of the newly scheduled ceremony.

10. Update Announcement

Update Announcement is a change the date that has understated charm and an elegant design that features delicate blooms and clean lines. The blue color and floral touches give it a distinctly summer feel, and the layout is unique in its use of spacing, lines, and multiple fonts to visually break up information. It includes a bottom line to let guests know about reception plans following the ceremony.

11. Our New Date

Modern, unique, and a little bit abstract, Our New Date is perfect for the couple who prefers to do things a little out of the ordinary. This change the date card has a cool blue palette and a painted look that makes it a great choice for more casual ceremonies. It keeps the message short and simple, noting that the ceremony has been rescheduled and providing the new date.

Making the decision to postpone your wedding is never easy, but sometimes, it's necessary. For couples facing that very decision, change the dates make it easy to update guests and continue to keep your wedding plans front and center in their minds with beautiful cards and heartfelt messages.