11 Creative Wedding Program Styles for YOUR Wedding

Submitted by cpotter on Friday - December 10, 2021
creative wedding programs sitting on table with feathers and ribbon

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of so-called rules dictating how a wedding should look, feel, and even sound. And it’s time to throw them all out the window.

For couples looking to make their wedding every bit as unique as their relationship, there are creative wedding program styles that allow imagination to take flight. Some designs are creative in and of themselves, offering a bit of visual pizazz to amp up the energy on your big day. Others support creative themes — while the designs themselves aren't out there, they’re the perfect fit for your destination I dos, houseboat-turned-wedding-venue, or last-minute backyard vows with a side of BBQ.

1. Bold Buffalo Plaid

So many winter weddings have a wonderland theme with silver and white as far as the eye can see, but for couples eager for a cozier take on cold-weather I dos, there’s the Bold Buffalo Plaid program. Pair a cabin venue, fireside vows, and flannel blankets for guests with a program that feels just as warm and welcoming. It’s just right for getting married at a lodge or mountainside resort.

Bold Buffalo Plaid | Flat Wedding Programs

2. Modern Countdown

The name “Modern Countdown” suggests a New Year’s Eve wedding while the ball drops, so why not go for it? Plan for a shorter ceremony with your pronouncement (where your officiant introduces you and your other half as newlyweds for the first time) right at midnight. Instead of counting down to a ball drop, guests can count backwards from 10 and when they hit 1 you can kiss your new spouse!

This program design includes the option to add foil, and those metallic accents could be the perfect finishing touch for your NYE celebration.

Modern Countdown | Flat Wedding Programs

3. Enchanting Sea

Weddings at an aquarium or zoo incorporate wildlife into your celebration while often supporting conservation and environmental initiatives, making those bookings a true win-win situation. Many couples are interested in using the Primate House or zoo aquarium for their wedding because it feels different and gets guests excited while appealing to people of all ages. Enchanting Sea plays into the creative theme with watery pastels and a border of tone-on-tone coral.

Enchanting Sea | Wedding Program Fans

4. Perfect Paradise

Another possible program for a zoo wedding, Perfect Paradise uses tropical foliage and vibrant flowers to set the scene for an exotic destination or a ceremony in a nearby botanical garden, rainforest-themed exhibit, or the aviary at your town’s zoo. Get creative with what “paradise” and “tropics” mean to you — a backyard luau and pool party, perhaps? Your guests can wear leis and dine on roast pig and poke while drinking pineapple cocktails and listening to traditional Polynesian music.

Perfect Paradise | Flat Wedding Programs

5. Boho Blooms

Do you love everything about the 1970s? Are vintage shops your favorite place to be? Did you and your fiancé or fiancée meet at a music festival? Re-create the decade you love most with a boho wedding and the perfect stationary thanks to Boho Blooms.

This design suite has gorgeous retro flowers and an eye-catching arch that evoke days gone by. Encourage guests to wear their own vintage finds, get a band to play classic tunes or help your DJ put together a playlist of all 70s music. Raid the local thrift store for mismatched vintage wine goblets, plates, and vases to complete the look.

Boho Blooms | Flat Wedding Programs

6. Mod Blocks

Hey, sports fans! Want to throw a wedding that honors your affection for a particular MLB, NHL, or NFL team? Or maybe you and your sweetheart met at college, and you want to honor that meet-cute by incorporating your college team colors. Mod Blocks makes it all possible by giving you creative control over the two large blocks of color that make this fan-style program a contemporary standout. Whether you want black and yellow for your Steelers, green and gold for the Boston Celtics, scarlet and grey for Ohio State, or some other favorite combo, this is the perfect program for you.

Mod Blocks | Wedding Program Fans

7. Vision Of Love

The fact that Vision of Love uses a photo of your choice as a central design element is beyond exciting. You get to be as classic or creative as you want. Choose a romantic engagement shot if you’re a traditionalist or let your imagination run wild. Take some candid and casual engagement photos in one of your favorite places like a local landmark or at an amusement park. Other fun, silly, and downright goofy ideas for program photos include:

  1. Sharing drinks at a favorite brewery, distillery, or winery
  2. Taking pictures on vacation
  3. Revisiting where you had your first date
  4. Dressing up your dogs
  5. Incorporating props like hiking gear for avid adventurers or scuba masks for certified divers
  6. Wear a costume or period garb to match your wedding theme
  7. Use an action shot like bungee jumping, riding a roller coaster, or jumping on a trampoline
  8. Turn everyday locations like a grocery store or record shop into a romantic backdrop

No matter what image you ultimately upload, the rest of this Vision of Love program provides the info guests need to follow along with your ceremony, including your names, details about the wedding party, and the planned order of events.

Vision of Love | Folded Wedding Programs

8. Love’s Anchor

Waterside weddings are so much fun. You get to listen to the rhythmic slap of the waves hitting the shore or your boat, there’s typically a sweet salty sea breeze to add to the ambience, and you can either choose to go barefoot in the sand or stand on a pier. Choices, choices! Love’s Anchor fits any of those watery scenarios, using a large anchor graphic to get the maritime message across and double blue-backed pages inside the folded-style program to list the order of events and your bridal party’s names.

Love's Anchor | Folded Wedding Programs

9. Fireflies & Mason Jars

Hosting your wedding in your own backyard or the backyard of a friend’s house or rental opens up a ton of possibilities for creativity ranging from fun eats to lots of DIY décor. Fireflies & Mason Jars acts like a preview of what’s to come or could even mimic your actual décor. Put fairy lights in the trees, use mason jars to hold flowers or battery-operated votive candles, and let Mother Nature do the rest.

The program’s design features a dusky blue background that looks like nighttime, so an evening ceremony and reception might be your best bet here.

Fireflies & Mason Jars | Folded Wedding Programs

10. Mod Citrus

We love how surprising the orange-grove imagery on Mod Citrus is. You might not immediately think of putting fruit on your wedding program, but there are so many possibilities for turning this pretty design into a creative wedding-day theme. You could choose an orchard as your venue and/or hold a summertime wedding with all kinds of fruit-centric food and drink.

Imagine serving guests:

  1. Lemonade
  2. A trio of citrusy sorbets
  3. Key lime pie
  4. Fresh mojitos
  5. Grapefruit granita
  6. Lemony green beans
  7. Pasta topped with a lemon zest gremolata
  8. Spicy orange chicken
  9. Limoncello shooters
  10. Jerk pork skewers with mango and citrus salsa
  11. Fish tacos with lime crema

Use fresh or plastic fruit in large clear vases as your centerpieces, give out candied citrus and scented candles as wedding favors, and have a persimmon olive oil cake or lemony cheesecake as your dessert.

Mod Citrus | Flat Wedding Programs

11. Nashville Barn

Don’t worry, you don’t have to hold your wedding in Tennessee to use Nashville Barn as your wedding program. This cute program’s rustic details work just as well for any country-chic ceremony and reception. If you’re getting hitched in a renovated barn, outside your friend’s chicken coop, in a corn field, or by a lake with the family farmhouse in the background, Nashville Barn will suit your purposes just fine.

Even better, the artists behind this masterpiece knew just how to balance sweet and sophisticated so you get touches of rusticity (the cute little barn, sheaves of wheat, and the outline of a chicken) without going overboard on the kitsch.

Nashville Barn | Flat Wedding Programs

When you’re planning a creative wedding, you need more than a quirky wedding program to fully express your vision. Check out these ideas for creative grooms' cakes and creative invitation embellishments for even more inspiration.