12 Popular Wedding Flowers +Tips

Submitted by Heidi on Wednesday - August 10, 2011

Most Popular Wedding Flowers & How to Choose

Ah, the language of flowers ... and it seems that since time began, they've been rich in symbolism and of course, romance. I've always been intrigued with the women of the Victorian era and how they used to make and wear Tussie Mussies- small bouquets of flowers- with the intention of communicating a certain message to let's say, a potential suitor ... So mysterious and romantic.

Here are 12 most popular wedding flowers, the meanings associated with them, their season and general pricing PLUS  tips on how to choose your wedding flowers.

5 Tips - How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers
1. Choose local & in season- if possible. By going with local and in-season flowers, you'll probably save money {no shipping}. You'll also be supporting your community and the flowers will be available when you want them.
2. Carry your look - coordinate your arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnieres by color, formality and style-  for a look that flows.
3. Consider your wedding budget - work with your florist to realize your dream while staying within your budget.
4. Reflect on the natural decor of your venues - a garden wedding will probably be "naturally" decorated and not require a lot of extra flowers. The same could be said for a very ornate indoor venue. Also, if your wedding is on or near a holiday {i.e. Christmas, New Years} your venue might already be decorated. Ask the venue's event coordinator before ordering your accessory flowers.
5. Consider the meanings of the flowers- is there a certain message that has special significance that you'd like to set apart and communicate ... hope, devotion, etc?

 How are you choosing your wedding flowers? 

images: real flowers via The Knot