15 Winter Wedding Program Styles for Your Wedding

Submitted by cpotter on Tuesday - February 9, 2021
Newlywed couple holds bouquet of flowers in the snow

According to some studies, a mere 9% of weddings take place during the winter months. According to anyone who has ever had or been to a winter wedding, the other 91% are missing out.

There are a million reasons why saying your vows in winter is a blast, including fun stoles and wraps to wear over your dress, cozy flannel or plaid cummerbunds and bowties to jazz up your suit or tux, and holiday-inspired food that will have everyone singing your praises.

To help bring your theme together, here are 15 of our favorite winter wedding program styles just right for your big day.

1. Woodland Wishes

Listen — can you hear the quiet stillness of the forest with snow on the ground and not a cloud in the sky? Woodland Wishes is a veritable dreamscape in the format of a wedding program. Through a mist of snow and fog, you can still see a line of evergreen trees, and the program’s text drifts down over the landscape like settling snow. If you’re planning a wedding in the country, up in the mountains, or just want to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside on your big day, this program may be the one for you.


2. Sketched in Love

The hazy, abstract swirls that make up the background of Sketched in Love are reminiscent of a winter storm. Just imagine the flurries whizzing by your window as you get ready to say I do! This wedding program features room for a trio of pictures. Choose from candids taken throughout your relationship or take new winter-themed photos just for this occasion.


3. Seasonal Snowflake

Why tiptoe through the tulips in your wedding finery when you can sashay through some snowdrifts? Seasonal Snowflake is a minimalist take on winter chic thanks to a bold slate background topped by two ornate flakes, your details appearing in a crisp font down below. Choose the folded wedding program option, and you’ll see the icy color palette and snowflakes continuing as your guests read through ceremony elements like the order of events and names of your wedding party. Switch up the colors, and you’ll keep the winter theme while adding some unique-to-you aspects too.


4. Starry Night

It’s a scientific fact that winter nights often offer a clearer view of the night sky because cold air doesn’t hold as much moisture. Less moisture equals less haze and a stunning view of the stars, just like you get with this Starry Night wedding program. Twinkly stars dance across the top of the deep, mesmerizingly blue program. Whether you and your sweetheart love to cuddle under blankets on the porch and constellation hunt or just love the romance of putting your heads together and gazing into the night, this program proves that your love is out of this world.


5. Evergreen Christmas

While this program would be stunning for a holiday wedding, its sprinkling of pine needles and dueling pinecones works just as well for any kind of winter ceremony. Wide stripes in varying shades of green serve as eye-catching accents, or you can switch up the colors to match your own vision of what a winter wedding should look like.


6. Winter Berries

Nature is front and center in Winter Berries. It all starts with a beautifully rustic wreath dotted with red berries, which appear again — just a couple cute sprigs — on the inside of the folded program as well as on the back. The rest of the design is smooth and clean to let your wedding details get the attention they deserve.


7. Royal Emblem

When you’re swaddled in eight layers of petticoats to make your ball gown fluff up or sporting a top hat and tails for that extra regal look, it’s better to be out in chillier air rather than combating the sweltering summer temps. That’s just one reason why Royal Emblem would be perfect for a ritzy winter wedding. The icy blue emblem in the design adds to the wintery effect, but you can always switch up the colors to match your own wedding palette.


8. Bold Buffalo Plaid

Wrapping up in a big plaid coat or checked blanket is quintessentially winter. Add in a bonfire, s’mores, and a cabin high up in the mountains, and now you’re really talking. For the couple who looks forward to getting away from it all or just snuggling up at home, this Bold Buffalo Plaid wedding program brings some rusticity to even the grandest of affairs. Bold, modern lettering lets the plaid shine through (literally) and gives this program a modern touch.


9. Rustic Boughs

It doesn’t get much simpler than our Rustic Boughs suite, but don’t mistake simplicity for lack of character. A series of branches interlock to form a circle around you and your intended’s initials, with one more to act as a line under your wedding date. The flip side of this flat wedding program puts the colors in reverse for a dramatic effect that’s sure to get guests talking.


10. Floral Touch

Though florals are perhaps better known for frequently showing up in abundance at spring and summer weddings, don’t rule them out for a winter ceremony and reception. Done right — like they are in Floral Touch — flowers can be quite wintery. These jewel-tone blossoms, white accent flowers, and sprigs of greenery work well for a cold-weather event, and you can order your on-site flowers — including bouquets and boutonnieres — to match.


11. Enchanting Crown

Like a leafless twig poking out from under a huge drift of snow, Enchanting Crown is all purity and light with just a hint of natural wonder. This wedding program could be exactly what you need to offset an über-colorful ceremony space, or choose it for your all-white wedding and see how seamlessly it fits in.


12. Elegant Marble

For a stylish winter wedding that calls for a particularly polished program, consider the sleek lines of our tastefully arranged Elegant Marble. The idea of a stone-inspired motif feels right for celebrating your love in the winter months, and the gold frame adds a bit of Art Deco flair. You can change the color of the marble, offering almost countless ways to transform this design until it perfectly reflects your ultimate vision.


13. Rustic Antler

The warmth of the deeply-stained wood at the heart of Rustic Antler is enough combat even the sharpest winter winds. Bring your concept for a country wedding or barn ceremony to life with a program that will fit right in. White writing on top of the realistic wood grain makes your names, wedding date, and other details pop.


14. Winter Floral

Another botanical theme that works wonderfully well beyond summer, Winter Floral takes cool metallics and makes them feel elegant. A silvery-gray flower here, a few gold berries there, and you’ve got stationery that matches your sophisticated tablescape just as well as it complements your crystal centerpieces.


15. Gilded Sage

Modern meets Mother Nature with Gilded Sage, a program marked by a pair of stacked frames with sage leaves draped over the corners. In some cultures, sage is a symbol of wisdom — as in how wise are you for marrying your better half? — but it’s also delicious with turkey and makes for a fun addition to a winter wedding bouquet. Add it to a wedding program, and you have a unique way to infuse a bit of a green into what could otherwise be a very snowy day.


As you narrow down the possibilities and pick out your wedding program, keep in mind that you can get everything from wedding invitations to thank you cards that match from MagnetStreet. To see how you can carry your wintery theme throughout the rest of your day, check out reception essentials including place cards, table numbers, coasters, beverage napkins and more.