15 Fall Wedding Program Styles for YOUR Wedding

Submitted by cpotter on Friday - September 3, 2021
a bride and groom are twirling in a fall setting surrounded by trees

October is officially the most popular season to get married, with 36% of couples deciding to tie the knot at some time in autumn. Maybe there’s something about sweater weather that makes couples want to cozy up, or maybe it’s the potential for décor that’s full of foliage and fun elements like Halloween candy and burlap table runners. Whatever your goal, these fall wedding programs will help get guests in the mood for a magical day full of love, laughter, and (fingers crossed) apple pie.

1. Tender Tree

Nature-inspired and with muted earth tones to help keep your fall concept grounded, Tender Tree is an ode to autumn that embraces the subtler side of fall. A leafy branch extends out from a thick border, providing a lovely backdrop for your names and wedding info. While many people associate fan-style wedding programs with spring and summer events, a warm afternoon in September or October makes this fan-meets-stationary gem come in handy.

Tender Tree | Wedding Program Fans

2. Fall Treasures

Autumn colors and foliage get the vintage treatment with Fall Treasures. The program features strategically placed flourishes that draw attention to you and your sweetheart’s names, with lots of color courtesy of retro-looking flowers and leaves reminiscent of the ornaments you’d find embroidered on heirloom quilts. It’s simple with a crafty vibe that still feels sophisticated.

Fall Treasures | Wedding Program Fans

3. Twirling Maple

Remember when you were a kid and you’d rake all the leaves in the front yard into a pile just so you could jump into them? You may not want to leap into a bunch of leaves once you put on your wedding gown or tux, but you can capture some of that same joy thanks to Twirling Maple. Tone-on-tone leaf graphics add depth while keeping the overall suite streamlined and simple — customize the colors to match your personal aesthetic, and you’re ready to rock 'n' roll (or run and jump, as the case may be).

Twirling Maple | Folded Wedding Programs

4. Woodland Charms

Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies — or, in this case, pretty little pinecones, evergreen sprigs, and berries. They’re all present on the cover of Woodland Charms, a fall wedding program that combines rustic elements and lots of whitespace for a refined take on autumn awesomeness.

Woodland Charms | Wedding Program Fans

5. Splendid Pines

Can a black-tie affair also feel rustic? Splendid Pines proves it’s possible. The cover of this gorgeous program is totally chic, with a stately pine tree separating the spouses-to-be’s initials while a playful font lays out key wedding details and the ceremony’s order of events. The flip side of the flat wedding program features the wedding party and some sophisticated striping and dots. All that’s left is to work with your wedding coordinator on gold-dipped branches for your centerpieces and s’mores with champagne marshmallows and Belgian chocolate.

Splendid Pines | Flat Wedding Programs

6. An Autumn Affair

Plaid never goes out of style. With An Autumn Affair, a crisscrossed diamond pattern adds a bit of sartorial flair to complement various fall flowers, leaves, and berries tucked into the corners of the program. Customize the coloring to match your family’s tartan or echo the colors of your overall wedding scheme.

An Autumn Affair | Wedding Program Fans

7. Classic Leaves

If you gazed at fall through a kaleidoscope, it would probably look a lot like Classic Leaves. Each of the six leaves that make up the central graphic on the front of the program contains countless dots of color. The result is a mosaic of earthy hues that’s guaranteed to make an impact. Add in your names in bold typeface and a meandering line of leaf-like shapes across the bottom (can you spot the hidden heart?) and you have wedding stationery that’s both playful and polished.

Classic Leaves | Flat Wedding Programs

8. Fall In Love

Fall in Love turns a play on words (“we fell in love”) into a stunning autumn-themed wedding program that sets the scene for nuptials that honor the very best of Mother Nature. This red carpet is made out of leaves instead of crushed velvet, but your guests will love it just as much — maybe even more — especially once they catch a glimpse of the rest of your décor and indulge in drinks, like cranberry cosmos and hot buttered rum (yum!).

Fall in Love | Wedding Program Fans

9. Sketched In Love

Sketched in Love doesn’t scream fall all on its own, but the design has room for a series of photographs. That’s where the potential for magic comes in. Have your own autumnal photo shoot (even if you take your engagement pics in March), with plenty of leaves, hay bales, and pumpkins strewn about for good measure. Use those pics in your wedding program, and suddenly your ceremony and reception are extra personal, extra romantic, and extra in tune with all the season has to offer.

Sketched in Love | Folded Wedding Programs

10. Geometry Of Love

Geometry of Love is a nature-inspired design with a contemporary twist. A tangle of triangles creates a modern heart with deep, rich woodgrain providing an inviting counterpoint. Use this program to bring your vision of rustic, yet stylish “I dos” to life.

Geometry of Love | Flat Wedding Programs

11. Love In The Woods

Love in the Woods is a graphic designer’s tasteful interpretation of natural beauty. A bark-like background acts as a simple, yet charming foundation for a woodgrain-patterned bubble filled with the details of your ceremony. A smattering of other outdoorsy details like a canoe and a large line of trees makes it feel so much like fall, you can almost smell the apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes.

Love in the Woods | Flat Wedding Programs

12. Candlelit Mason Jar

Warm, inviting, and full of whimsy, Candlelit Mason Jar features wall-to-wall woodgrain with a heart hidden in the design. From the trio of hanging mason jar lanterns to the use of a casual font, every detail befits an intimate wedding that guests — and the happy couple — will remember fondly for years to come.

Candlelit Mason Jar | Flat Wedding Programs

13. Everlasting Love

Evergreen trees are a symbol of longevity, so it seems fitting that they play such an important role in our Everlasting Love suite. Sketched branches and a dangling pinecone set the scene for fall festivities, and the use of a kraft-paper inspired background brings a certain rusticity that’s ideal for a backyard bash, intimate dinner party wedding, or even a larger affair that embraces nature and the outdoors in other ways.

Everlasting Love | Flat Wedding Programs

14. Carved In Love

You tiptoe through the tulips in spring and get beachy all summer long, but when it comes to fall, it’s time for some fun in the forest. Carved In Love is perfect for couples who love nature and nostalgia. Personalize the photo-quality background with your names and it’ll look like you etched them into the bark yourselves — perfect for celebrating outdoors or bringing a touch of the great outdoors inside.

Carved in Love | Wedding Program Fans

15. Perfectly Plaid

Love is like being wrapped in a warm and cozy blanket, which is why Perfectly Plaid is so on point for any wedding, but a fall wedding in particular. The front of the program is home to a couple winding branches filled with brightly colored leaves. On the reverse sits a swath of plaid just begging for a snuggle. Customize with your details and get ready for an autumn celebration for the ages

Perfectly Plaid | Flat Wedding Programs

Still hunting for more ways to bring your wedding vision to life? Check out our reception items —which include menu cards, place cards, table numbers, coasters, and beverage napkins — to find fall-inspired items to fit your theme.