17 Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Invitations

Submitted by cpotter on Thursday - August 13, 2020

Traditional wedding invitations are gorgeous in their own way, but if you and your spouse-to-be are craving a more alternative approach to your wedding stationery, it's time to shop outside the box. These invites are anything but conventional. From fun shapes to splashes of color to pastel plaid, our 17 favorite alternatives to traditional wedding invites are everything you've been waiting for and more.

1. Dreamy Meadows

For a new take on traditional floral wedding invitations, check out Dreamy Meadows. This inventive design features a huge ampersand filled with an image of a field of flowers. The same floral pattern shows up on the RSVP card as well as the coordinating seals for a cohesive look that feels right for spring or summer, but not too sweet for more sophisticated “I dos.”

Dreamy Meadows

2. Geometric Garden

For garden weddings or destination weddings with a decidedly tropical bent, our Geometric Garden design is a lovely and lush option. These pocket invitations blend leafy greens and geometric elements for an eye-catching result that feels both nature-inspired and modern. If you want to evoke a beachy feel for your wedding but still feel sophisticated, Geometric Garden has your back.

Geometric Garden

3. Iridescent Peacock

There is absolutely no way guests will overlook your invite when they have a paper peacock peering out of their mailbox. Our Iridescent Peacock design has all the swagger and color of the stately bird it's named after. From the vivid teal envelope to the expanse of stunning feathers that serve as the background on several pieces of coordinating stationery, this wedding invitation is a bird of a different feather altogether. (PS: This is only one invitation from our peacock collection, so if you're a fan of those proud birds, you have plenty of choices.)

Iridescent Peacock

4. Be Happy

Don't worry, be the next person to grab up these delicately hued “Be Happy!” wedding invitations. Pretty pastels take the bite out of the design's geometric shapes, and the wording is right in line with the other playful elements. From "Let's do this!" to the "yay or nay" on the RSVP cards, every detail is on theme and perfectly perky.

Be Happy

5. Dramatic Roses

Traditional invitations may have a single rose next to your monogram or on the back of the envelope. Dramatic Roses is a veritable avalanche of blossoming reds, each in a striking shade of red. Impactful and memorable thanks to the sheer glamour of the design, Dramatic Roses is a great choice for weddings dedicated to an overabundance of opulence, romance, and perhaps even a bit of theatrics.

Dramatic Roses

6. Bold Buffalo Plaid

Plaid is trendy yet again, and our Bold Buffalo Plaid design celebrates it in style. Like your favorite lumberjack's flannel shirt but way more chic, these wedding invitations are a fun way to announce your nuptials, especially if they'll be taking place in nature or during winter. You can even customize the invite with your own color combinations, turning that black-and-red plaid into a personalized work of art.

Bold Buffalo Plaid

7. Tender Mist

About 99% of the time, hearing that someone spilled something all over your wedding invitations would send your heart plummeting down to your feet. But then there's that 1% — namely when some insanely talented artists spill shimmering drops of glitter across the page and it results in Tender Mist. This pocket wedding invitation features your initials plus a bit of glitz sprinkled here and there. We love the marbleized background too, which adds a luxe edge.

Tender Mist

8. Vogue Vineyard

Who doesn't love a winery wedding? Delicious chardonnay and pinot noir are just a stone's throw away, and all those swirling vines make for one dazzling backdrop. Vogue Vineyard is a tribute to wine country without being too on the nose. Diamond cutouts make it look like we're peeping through the white invitation to see the vineyard beyond. Announce your Napa nuptials with panache and set the scene for a very vino wedding day.

Vogue Vineyard

9. Painted Cactus

Here comes the charm! Painted Cactus looks like it was stolen right from an artist's studio in New Mexico. From the hazy pink background to the watercolor succulents framing the bottom of the invitation, Painted Cactus is a pretty — and pretty different — way to announce your big day. Even the coordinating envelope has flair thanks to a polka-dot pattern that stretches across the lining.

Painted Cactus

10. Upscale Vegas

Staging a destination wedding in Sin City? Whether you're renewing your vows at a drive-thru chapel with Elvis doing the honors, checking into a high-end casino for some more elegant "I dos", or hosting a casino-themed wedding in your hometown, these fun-meets-classy invites have your name on them (literally). We love the interplay of black and white, and the slightly art deco design elements combined with the dice make the whole thing feel very James Bond.

Upscale Vegas

11. Boldly in Love

Lots of traditional wedding invitations shine because of their simplicity. Simple letter-only styles are lovely, but if you're craving something more in-your-face, you need Boldly in Love. It's all about you two here; your favorite photo takes center stage, with your event details printed in contrasting color over the top. The back is just as striking, with edge-to-edge zig-zags making a serious statement.

Boldly in Love

12. Minimal Mod

Minimal Mod proves that sometimes, paring back is the quickest path to a truly delightful invite. The entire design feels crisp and clean, with just a few chic lines setting off the block text. Customize it with your theme colors, and you'll have a stationery suite that feels ultra-contemporary yet still distinctly you.

Minimal Mod

13. Vintage Map

Pinpoint your wedding details on this invitation that looks like a vintage map. It'll be easy for loved ones to find their way to the reception with things like your names and the venue address taking the lead. Opt for a bracket-shaped invite over the traditional rectangle and guests will have even more to talk about when they open their envelopes. For couples who love antiquing or traveling together, Vintage Map is a humdinger of a choice.

Vintage Map

14. Mustache You to Wed

Things get playful with this quirky wedding invitation that combines bold facial hair and lip graphics with other, easy-to-read icons like cutlery on the RSVP card and suitcases on the Guest Information insert. The relative simplicity of the main design plays perfectly off the surrounding stripes that add even more whimsy to an already offbeat layout.

Mustache You to Wed

15. Chic Patina

It's hard to picture how amazing watercolor and rust would look together until you spot our Chic Patina design. The pretty wash of color brings the romance while the patina-trimmed edges adds a hint of vintage appeal. It's hard and soft, old and new, all wrapped up in one gorgeous wedding-ready package.

Chic Patina

16. Sweet As Pie

Country chic has never looked so darling. Our Sweet As Pie design suite is the little cottage vibe that could, with everything from doily-inspired edging to florals that remind us of Grandma's kitchen in the very best way. Sweet, charming, and hard to resist, this is one wedding invitation almost guaranteed to make guests smile.

Sweet As Pie

17. Inked Elegance

It's hard to capture all the beauty of a sunset on paper, but Inked Elegance manages to pull it off. The color on this invitation flows from the inky black of a night sky all the way to the burnt oranges and peachy pinks you'd expect from the sky just before dusk. It's dramatic, it's unexpected, and it's just the thing for a couple who may not have a theme but still wants their stationery to make an impact.

Inked Elegan

Whether you and your sweetheart are traditional or unorthodox, happy with a simple design or eager to find something uncommonly cool, it's important to love your final choice. Take the time to find a wedding invitation design that fits your style, and you’ll have a piece of your special day worth saving for years to come.