19 Modern Wedding Program Styles for Your Wedding

Submitted by cpotter on Monday - October 12, 2020

A great wedding program is like a road map. It's a way to let guests know what's happening next, who's who in the wedding party, and how long they'll have to wait until it's time for passed apps and a nice, cold beverage. But programs also embody your theme.


For couples aiming for a contemporary ceremony and reception, these 19 modern wedding program styles are functional without losing an ounce of flair.

1. Sophisticated Succulents

Gorgeous foliage? Check. Sweet geometric border? Check. Plenty of white space? Check. Our Sophisticated Succulents puts a modern spin on floral design with a smattering of uber on-trend cacti peeking through a translucent frame. Combine the garden feel with this program's fan shape to ready your guests for some heartfelt alfresco “I dos.”


2. Stunning Symmetry

This design is simplicity personified. From the bold font declaring you and your beloved's names to the right-aligned text listing the ceremony's running order, this fan-style program has everything you need — and not a single thing more. For the couple who doesn't like a lot of embellishment but still wants to make a statement, this program is almost guaranteed to be a hit.

STUNNING SYMMETRY - Wedding Program Fan

3. Bold Buffalo Plaid

Peek-a-boo — the buffalo plaid trend sees you! Lumberjack chic is so in, especially when it looks as stylish as it does in this Bold Buffalo Plaid program. The names of the spouses-to-be feature prominently in a striking font that's filled with iconic black-and-red checks. The addition of more traditional script and the tea-length design makes this program the best of both worlds.

BOLD BUFFALO PLAID - Wedding Program

4. Framed Boxes

Direct guests' eyes exactly where you want them using the color-blocked text collage featured in Framed Boxes. The slightly offset layout leaves plenty of room to list details like the names of your readings and who's in your bridal party. The matching save the dates and invitations are just as memorable.

FRAMED BOXES - Wedding Program

5. Cascading Light

It's scientifically impossible to read this sunshiny program and be anything but happy. Well...that may not technically be true, but Cascading Light's color wash design is awfully warm to look at. The modern font keeps things current, while the double-sided layout ensures you can give everybody in your wedding party their due. For even more contemporary vibes, check out the matching wedding invitations and reception items; both feature color-coordinated, angled stripes.

CASCADING LIGHT - Wedding Program Fan

6. Glam District

The feel of a modern romance is captured perfectly by this Glam District program. The sweeping text across the top is all about the amour while the more contemporary type below keeps the aesthetic firmly planted in the modern day. It's point-counterpoint with a beautiful result.

GLAM DISTRICT - Wedding Program Fan

7. Simple Statement

Simple Statement is the design suite that eschews a matchy-matchy aesthetic in favor of thematic elements that are carefully threaded through the collection's save the dates and invitations. The program starts with block text to highlight the happy couple's names, followed by a simple ceremony schedule. The flip side of the program has the same general layout plus two bold stripes you can personalize with the color of your choice. It's conspicuous in the best way, and perfect for anyone who wants to avoid blending in while stopping short of going completely over the top.

SIMPLE STATEMENT - Wedding Program

8. Tranquil Twinkle

One of the hallmarks of modern design is hinting at a theme rather than hitting guests over the head with it. The subtle swipe of color across the cover of the Tranquil Twinkle program somehow evokes both seaside charm and winter elegance. Use it for your destination wedding as a nod to the color of the ocean or set the scene for January nuptials with watercolor splash that will remind guests of moonlight bouncing off newly fallen snow.

TRANQUIL TWINKLE - Wedding Program

9. Made For Each Other

You + your sweetheart = love. The Made For Each Other program knows what is most important and puts your partnership center stage. By featuring your names and a trio of pictures (you choose your favorites), alongside a flashy printout detailing the planned order of ceremony, this design combines pretty typography with magnetic-like blocking to create a modern program destined to create a whole new trend.

MADE FOR EACH OTHER - Wedding Program Fan

10. Luster Opulence

Choose Luster Opulence and embrace the notion that everything old is new again. This program has some seriously art deco vibes, but the color choices and artistic restraint ensure the final look is decidedly modern. Customize the colors to suit your venue or personal aesthetic or go crazy and echo the colors of your favorite team. Your wedding, your rules!

LUSTER OPULENCE - Wedding Program Fan

11. Simply Pristine

It doesn't get much more uncomplicated than our Simply Pristine program, but don't mistake simplicity for ordinariness. This design standards out precisely because it's so stark — the generous use of white space ensures the most important details truly stand out. It's a lovely foil for a wedding color scheme that's extra vibrant (just think of how these white cards would look placed on fuchsia chair covers) or you can use it keep things monochromatic for your black tie nuptials.

SIMPLY PRISTINE - Wedding Program

12. Let Love Sparkle

Let Love Sparkle's sprinkling of gold dots on a black background is tailor-made for a New Year's Eve wedding, but that's just one idea. The fun spritz of glitter details is a modern take on classic polka dots, and the matching stationery brings gold hearts into the equation for an extra dose of romance. Celebration is in the air, and it's on these programs, too!

LET LOVE SPARKLE - Wedding Program Fan

13. So Sharp!

Some couples want a wedding that's a little more whirlwind. If that sounds like you, then maybe this So Sharp! program is the right fit: it’s practically bursting with energy! Maybe it's the big block letters, maybe it's the fun yellow triangles — who are we kidding, it's definitely the fun yellow triangles. Inject some electricity into your ceremony and set the tone for a wedding that's anything but bland.

SO SHARP! - Wedding Program

14. Modern Typography

Surprise! You can have your romantic hearts and honor your love of modern aesthetics too. Modern Typography uses delicate little hearts paired with bold black lettering, all underscored by a trio of thick black lines. It's like the design is underscoring your commitment! This program is easy to read and complements almost any modern motif, making it a great choice if you're still ironing out the rest of your wedding-day decor.


15. Charming Love Story

Love is traditional. It's classic. It's ageless. That means it's inherently modern, and now that it's time for you to bring your own vision of romantic style to fruition, our Charming Love Story design is here to help. The typography used to spell out “love” is straightforward, but there's a wreath standing in for the "o" for a contemporary wink that offers a newer take on floral. The front of the program has a solid colored background for dramatic effect, while the flip side of the program provides contrast with a white background and delicate little rosebuds. Magnifique!


16. Black Tie Affair
Are your “I dos” kicking off an elegant gala that's going to make Oscar night look like a block party? Then you definitely need the Black-Tie Affair program to complement your guests' top-of-the-line attire. The thick monochromatic stripes on the front are visually captivating, and the reverse calls out "event" and "party" details in an easy-to-read font that's très chic.

BLACK TIE AFFAIR - Wedding Program

17. Simply Modern

Simply Modern kicks off with a stylized monogram that's beautifully distinct. The tea-length design can accommodate a long ceremony schedule if need-be, and the back has a patterned header and footer to keep things feeling fresh. Keep the curvy script calling out the bridal party if it suits you or swap it for another font to make Simply Modern your own.

SIMPLY MODERN - Wedding Program

18. Modern Flirt

Mixing patterns takes some expertise. Luckily, we've done the heavy lifting and created Modern Flirt by layering on-trend chevron with a dual-colored banner proclaiming all your most important wedding details. The addition of a tiny heart in a contrasting color adds an extra little tease that's just your kind of cute.

MODERN FLIRT - Wedding Program

19. Truly, Madly, Deeply

The very beginning of your ceremony may not be the perfect time to toss confetti, but our Truly, Madly, Deeply program doesn't care. As guests fan themselves, they'll see a flurry of speckles that seem to be celebrating the big moment before it even happens. The use of circular frames helps give the program structure, and the date is printed in a large font just in case you want to save one of these as a keepsake. (Spoiler alert: you will!)

TRULY, MADLY, DEEPL - Wedding Program Fan

Wedding Programs may not be as essential to your big day as your invitations, but they provide you and your beloved an extra opportunity to inject your personalities into your ceremony, all while giving your guests a road map to follow. With dozens of Wedding Program designs available, MagnetStreet is sure to have a design that screams “you”.