19 Rustic Wedding Invitation Options for Your Wedding

Submitted by cpotter on Wednesday - June 9, 2021
rustic wedding invitation sign featuring the words “our story begins here” hanging on a tree

Boughs of greenery hanging overhead. Long wooden tables draped in lace and burlap. Chunky candleholders, chandeliers with Edison bulbs, groomsmen in tan suits and plaid bow ties, and lots and lots of charm. Rustic weddings incorporate lots of natural elements and encourage a relaxed atmosphere for a wedding that’s more laidback than luxe. These rustic wedding invitations give your guests a hint of what your big day has in store for those lucky enough to score a seat.

1. Pinecone Allure

Fall weddings are more popular than ever, so why not hold your ceremony on the edge of a forest? An indoor gathering in a cabin or even a chalet can accommodate your love of nature as chilly weather takes over, and Pinecone Allure is the perfect way to invite your guests. Evergreen sprigs and pinecones circle your names and wedding details, giving this suite a simple yet rustic look.

2. Lace Country

If you’re dreaming of a rustic wedding that still feels sweet and a touch feminine, you’ll likely love Lace Country. A beautiful lavender backdrop, intricate lace, and delicate script come together for an elegant result that works as easily for a backyard wedding as it does for a larger reception at a country estate or ranch.

Lace Country: Shaped Invitations

3. Brick Yard

Brick Yard brings a different kind of rustic chic to the table, with a brick-patterned invitation and bold modern lettering that create an industrial feel. This suite is a great option for city dwellers that might want to infuse an urban venue like a warehouse or event center with natural décor to honor where they are as well as where they came from.

Brick Yard: Shaped Invitations

4. Everlasting Love

Kraft paper is the ultimate in rustic stationery, and Everlasting Love gives the country chic background an added dose of charm thanks to sketches of pinecones and evergreen branches. This design is an ideal choice for rustic weddings taking place in fall or winter when fir trees are at their finest.

Everlasting Love: Shaped Invitations

5. Candlelit Mason Jar

Look up rustic wedding ideas and you’ll get a slew of recommendations for DIY décor that starts with the humble mason jar. Vases, party favors, customized cups — the possibilities are endless. Now you can select an invitation that fits right in. Candlelit Mason Jar ticks all the boxes with a series of nested hearts, mason jars filled with votive candles, and subtle woodgrain on the guest information card.

Candlelit Mason Jar: Pocket Invitations

6. Rustic Wreath

Kraft-inspired paper is back, this time topped with a white floral wreath. The reverse of the invitation features bold white stripes, bringing a contemporary vibe to complement the quaint details on the front.

Rustic Wreath: Shaped Invitations

7. Carved in Love

Have you and your sweetheart ever etched your names into a tree trunk? Or perhaps you’ve just seen it done in a movie and nearly swooned over the sheer romance. Carved in Love takes inspiration from the longtime tradition with a full color photograph of a tree, a carved message, and other lush outdoor details. Choose the pocket invitation version of this invite and get a full complement of enclosure cards that continue the rustic theme.

Carved in Love: Pocket Invitations

8. Rustic Peacock

Not all rustic invitations involve lace or kraft paper. Rustic Peacock takes laid-back wedding stationery in a more whimsical direction thanks to a giant peacock feather on the front of the invite and a pair of wandering birds keeping watch on the reverse. The bright splashes of color are unusual for a rustic wedding and yet fit right in with a nature-inspired theme. Or use this invite as inspiration to go full throttle on an all-peacock wedding with blues, purples, greens, and feathers galore.

Rustic Peacock: Shaped Invitations

9. Delightful Blooms

Romantic vintage watercolors and wildflowers make Delightful Blooms a true pleasure to send and to receive. The speckled backdrop is reminiscent of a robin’s egg, while soft, sloping script helps continue the delicacy of the overall design. Choose between three shapes — square, bracket, or rounded — and make this rustic wedding invitation your own.

Delightful Blooms: Shaped Invitations

10. Rustic Woodgrain

Natural wood, a smattering of white flowers, and modern bold typeface — add in a picture of your choice to be framed in those same sketched white florals and you have Rustic Woodgrain, a wedding invitation that works well for a variety of scenarios. For even more flair, customize the colors and turn the white flowers almost any shade of the rainbow.

Rustic Woodgrain: Pocket Invitations

11. Eternal Autumn

Take a trip to the darker side of rustic wedding invitations with Eternal Autumn. This design starts with a striking black background that looks almost like a chalkboard (a point for rustic charm). Then there’s the oval, gold-rimmed frame in the middle (another point) and two strands of watercolor leaves (points three and four) that help make this invite a true standout.

Eternal Autumn: Shaped Invitations

12. Fireflies & Mason Jars

Finding your true love is like capturing lightning in a bottle. Fireflies & Mason Jars echoes a little bit of that same magic. From the rich shades of blue swirling across the paper to the tiny yellow fireflies flitting across the top, this invite is a study in sentiment and nostalgia. Choose this suite for a backyard wedding or similar rustic summer ceremony that calls for a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of fun.

Fireflies & Mason Jars: Pocket Invitations

13. Floral Lace

Kraft paper-inspired background? Check. Gorgeous floral lace accents? Check. Romantic script and cute lowercase fonts for your details? Check and check. Floral lace is the epitome of rustic charm. All you have to do is fill in your information and, if you’re feeling creative, customize the color of the lace to correspond with trending wedding colors.

Floral Lace: Pocket Invitations

14. Love in the Woods

Love in the Woods offers an almost cartoonish spin on nature-inspired graphic design. Haphazard lines on the front of this pocket invitation suggest textured wood grain, while a cute little canoe drives home the outdoorsy theme. The enclosure cards provide splashes of color, and you can customize the leaves on the trees decorating the enclosure cards to give a secret nod to your favorite hues or even something special like the uniform colors of your favorite team.

Love in the Woods: Pocket Invitations

15. Sketched in Love

Rustic luxury may seem like an oxymoron, but it’s entirely possible to plan a relaxed wedding that incorporates both vintage and upscale vibes. Sketched in Love has a distinctly vintage energy, with gray-washed corners, intricate etching-like drawings, and a smoke-colored insert that feels sophisticated yet warm. This is the kind of invite you use for a teatime reception at a turn-of-the-century home or a family-style wedding dinner at a high-end lodge.

Sketched in Love: Pocket Invitations

16. Lace It Up

Heads up — lace is entering the 21st century and it sure looks good. Lace It Up combines vintage country aesthetics with a more graphic lace design and splash of bold color. It’s eye-catching, it’s memorable, and you can make that splash of color complement your existing décor with just a quick click.

Lace It Up: Pocket Invitations

17. Rustic Boughs

Invite friends to your cabin wedding with Rustic Boughs and you’ll be taking your outdoorsy theme to elegant new heights. The bracket-shaped invite whispers sophistication, but it’s the simple, country-inspired details like a wreath of bare branches that help set the scene for rustic fall or winter I dos.

Rustic Boughs: Shaped Invitations

18. Rustic Charm

Get your guests ready for an outdoor affair to remember with Rustic Charm. Artsy without feeling DIY, this design is an interesting blend of faux aging, arched wheat sheaves, and fonts that look like hand lettering. Envision matching reception items on your flower- strewn table, and you’ve created a homespun wedding that’s a definite home run.

Rustic Charm: Shaped Invitations

19. Geometry of Love

Woodgrain has never been so fun! Geometry of Love takes rustic wood and combines it with geometric shapes for a more modern look. When you want to hold a relaxed wedding in a more citified environment, this suite sets the stage for what promises to be a wonderfully unique reception.

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