19 Spring Wedding Program Styles for Your Wedding

Submitted by cpotter on Friday - April 23, 2021

All weddings are full of joy, but there’s something extra sunny and bright about a springtime wedding. Maybe it’s the promise of birds tweeting as you slip into your wedding dress or newly bloomed flowers lining the aisle as you await your love. Whether you’re looking for programs to match your favorite spring wedding invitations or just want to explore what a spring wedding might look like, these programs could mark the end of your search.

1. Lovely Lavender

From the wide stripes reminiscent of the canopy top of a carousel to the elegant flourishes at the top of the program, Lovely Lavender is a sweet design worthy of a springtime wedding. Feel free to switch up the colors to match your own spring-inspired palette.

LOVELY LAVENDER: Flat Wedding Programs

2. Love in the Woods

Springtime in the forest is when buds start to dot the tree bark and woodland creatures begin to emerge after a long winter tucked away. Love in the Woods captures that same feeling of renewal and hope with a touch of nostalgia thanks to the center space that takes inspiration from the sweetheart tree carvings of yore.

LOVE IN THE WOODS: Flat Wedding Programs

3. Patterned Billy Ball

It's magical and almost cleansing the way the first blooms of spring poke their heads through the last snows of winter. The white background and bright yellow flowers of Patterned Billy Ball evoke that same magic. This suite is a great choice for minimalists who want a splash of color while still embracing a simpler style.

PATTERNED BILLY BALL: Wedding Program Fans

4. Antique Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are an interesting flower. While they typically bud in early summer, they don’t bloom until the next spring. In other words, they put on a display that’s well worth waiting for — much like your wedding! Antique Hydrangea features a color-blocked bottom and a picture of a trio of pink, blue, and white hydrangeas up to. Pick the fan-style program and your guests can stay cool even if your spring nuptials happen on an unseasonably warm day.

ANTIQUE HYDRANGEA: Wedding Program Fans

5. Watercolor Ombre

Sweet, whimsical, and with graduated swaths of color, Watercolor Ombre is a fun and artsy interpretation of spring pastels. Pick your own colors and fade them from bold to barely there for a look customized for your personal palette.

WATERCOLOR OMBRE: Flat Wedding Programs

6. Botanical Bliss

Florals will always be “in” for spring, but Botanical Bliss puts a different spin on flowery fun with a spray of blooms and greenery with a graphic look and feel. A cartoonish flower carries the theme onto the back of the program where it’s joined by a subtle wash of pale dots. Choose this suite for a garden wedding or brunch “I dos.”

BOTANICAL BLISS: Flat Wedding Programs

7. Sweet as Pie

Blackberry. Blueberry. Cherry. Peach. Apple. Pecan. Is there a bad kind of pie? Definitely not. Whether you’re swapping out your wedding cake for a pie table or just love the sweet, innocent vibes of this Sweet as Pie program, it’s hard to resist all this charm. From the kraft paper bottom and top consisting of red and white flowers that look like they were hand-painted, to the pretty polka dot pattern on the reverse, this is one suite that definitely sings of spring.

SWEET AS PIE: Flat Wedding Programs

8. Flirty Neon

Pastels and spring go hand in hand, but sometimes it’s fun to turn up the volume. Flirty Neon uses bright shades of pink, yellow, and blue to create graphic patterns that are undeniably eye-catching. Much more modern than traditional, this suite is a striking way to get guests excited about a spring wedding that’s a bit outside the box.

FLIRTY NEON: Flat Wedding Programs

9. Classic Count

You might not immediately think of marble when you think of spring, but Classic Count will make you a convert. This is a formal take on a spring theme — the black centerpiece helps your wording stand out, while the marble border brings in rose gold tones that elevate the standard Easter palette. If the black feels a bit too dark, customize with the color of your choice, and make this suite even more suitable for spring.

CLASSIC COUNT: Flat Wedding Programs

10. Dreamy Sky

Bright blue skies with touches of purple and white make Dreamy Sky a stellar pick for a spring wedding, but it’s the smattering of sparkles that truly brings this design to life.  We love that you can customize the glittery bits using your color of choice to up the romance or incorporate one of your event’s accent colors.

DREAMY SKY: Flat Wedding Programs

11. Love is in the Air

Rustic weddings are on trend for a reason. They work for a variety of venues and personalities, they feel warm and welcoming, and the stationery is simply divine. Love is in the Air is no exception. The natural appearance of the kraft paper design provides the perfect juxtaposition for playful illustrations of clouds and hot air balloons.

LOVE IS IN THE AIR: Flat Wedding Programs

12. Sprinkled Sprig

Chic and refined, Sprinkled Sprig features a clean white background with a small watercolor drawing of green leaves as the only adornment. It’s a lovely ode to Mother Nature that hints at a springtime theme while still letting your names and wedding details hold center court.

SPRINKLED SPRIG: Flat Wedding Programs

13. Soft and Sweet

Cherry blossoms bloom in late March and early April, and their arrival is so heavily anticipated that entire festivals are thrown in their honor. Soft and Sweet turns cherry blossom season into yet another reason to celebrate your love. A thick band of color and coordinating blooms stretch across the top of the program with a couple songbirds on the back for good measure.

SOFT AND SWEET: Flat Wedding Programs

14. Romantic Rose

Big block lettering and the incredibly simple front page of this modern program are softened by a peek-a-boo sprig of flowers that pokes out from the lower left-hand corner. It’s romantic, it’s contemporary, and there’s even a spot on the back cover for a photo of the happy couple.

ROMANTIC ROSE: Folded Wedding Programs

15. Love’s Treat

An enchanting wash of watercolor pinks make the inside of this Love’s Treat program a standout, while the front combines a squared-off focal point with gorgeous script for a beautifully balanced result. Play with the color customization options to incorporate other spring hues like grassy greens, pale blues, and sunny yellows.

LOVE'S TREAT: Flat Wedding Programs

16. Be Happy!

Make your modern wedding springtime ready with Be Happy! This program is edged with watercolor geometric shapes that embody the pastels of the season with a distinctly contemporary twist. The block typography echoes the same color palette for a wonderfully cohesive result.

BE HAPPY!: Flat Wedding Programs

17. Floral Watercolor

For a spring wedding that’s getting close to summer, there’s Floral Watercolor, a program that’s all about bold reds, bright blues, and lush greens. The classic font feels elegant without being stuffy and ensures all your wedding details are easy to read.

FLORAL WATERCOLOR: Flat Wedding Programs

18. Whom My Soul Loves

Vintage vibes, whimsical patterns, and little springtime buds come together to create Whom My Soul Loves, a program that’s endlessly pretty. Other decorative accents like lacey edges and a Bible verse written in script make this suite frilly and romantic.

WHOM MY SOUL LOVES: Folded Wedding Programs

19. Painted Cactus

Painted Cactus ditches soft florals for a collection of spiky cacti, but the invitation itself is anything but prickly. The soft watercolor background can be tailored to your preferences, and a loopy script is both warm and bold. The back side of this flat wedding program takes a different tact with an all-white background and two little cacti — a complementary pairing not unlike your own.

PAINTED CACTUS: Flat Wedding Programs

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