19 Summer Wedding Invitation Options for Your Wedding

Submitted by cpotter on Thursday - May 20, 2021

About one-third of couples decide to get married in the summer, and who can blame them? It’s warm enough to say your vows outside, you can serve BBQ or set up an iced tea bar and no one will blink an eye, and flowers are absolutely everywhere. As you finalize your guest list, browse through these summer wedding invitations to see what catches your fancy. You may be surprised how many forms a summer wedding can take — and just how beautiful a piece of wedding stationery can be.

1. On The Reef

A summer wedding by the shore? Sure! Such an occasion calls for lots of seashells, and On the Reef delivers. This suite features a neutral color palette complete with sketches of an assortment of shells. Subtle yet memorable, this design will make for a lovely introduction to your upcoming seaside nuptials.

ON THE REEF: Pocket Invitations

2. Dark Blooms

Embrace the abstract with Dark Blooms, a boldly designed wedding invitation that uses slashes of color to evoke a striking floral motif. The imagery feels modern, but the curvy font and liberal use of pink is plenty romantic.

DARK BLOOMS: Rectangle Invitations

3. Mod Citrus

The bunches of fruit anchoring the design of our Mod Citrus invitation look hand-painted, which is just one reason why this suite is so special. It’s vintage, homey, and sophisticated, all without losing the happy summer wedding vibes.

MOD CITRUS: Rectangle Invitations

4. Country Florals

Far from the hustle and bustle of the city, there are quaint little cottages that offer a rural oasis complete with a tangle of flowers climbing over a picket fence. You don’t have to be getting married in the middle of nowhere to appreciate the charm of Country Florals; you just have to adore this invitation’s array of watercolor florals mixed with a clean and modern font.

COUNTRY FLORALS: Pocket Invitations

5. Dreamy Sky

Imagine getting married in the middle of summer when there’s not a cloud in the sky. You can’t control the weather, but you can use Dreamy Sky to set the scene for a summer wedding that feels almost heavenly. From the captivating swirls of blue, purple, and white to the glamorous sprinkle of sparkles, this design offers the perfect balance of form, function, and fun.

DREAMY SKY: All-in-One Wedding Invitations

6. Simply Elegant

At first glance, there’s nothing about Simply Elegant that feels particularly summery. But switch out the neutral background for a sunny yellow, zesty orange, or delicious shade of melon, and you have a just-for-you design that corresponds to your theme and addresses your need for wedding stationery with a simpler, more straightforward composition.

SIMPLY ELEGANT: Rectangle Invitations

7. Sunflower Bliss

Depending on who you ask, sunflowers may stand for everything from strength and positivity to luck and happiness. Choose Sunflower Bliss for your wedding invitations and show your sweetheart just how blessed you truly feel. This design provides extra character in the form of flowers scattered across the invitation as well as the envelope and RSVP inserts.

SUNFLOWER BLISS: All-in-One Wedding Invitations

8. True Fairytale

The placeholder photograph for True Fairytale is an explosion of fireworks — perfect for a Fourth of July wedding, perhaps? — but you can upload any picture you want. Take some engagement photos or use a candid from a recent vacation or other adventure to create an invite that’s totally unique. Get super creative with a professional picnic photoshoot or go casual with a selfie at the beach. Clean lettering and diamond-patterned accents help bring it all together.

TRUE FAIRYTALE: Rectangle Invitations

9. Sophisticated Succulents

Cacti can withstand all kinds of extreme circumstances, including drought. Choose Sophisticated Succulents for your wedding invitation and you're selecting imagery that symbolizes beauty as well as hardiness and durability. Plus, it’s hard to resist a design that’s practically bursting with botanicals. The zoomed-in photo is beautifully detailed, and the white box overlay keeps your party particulars front and center.


10. Blushing Blooms

Vintage meets modern thanks to Blushing Blooms’ collection of quirky, cartoon-like flowers combined with a punchy purple-and-white striped background. There’s something about this design that says “Southern summer,” though it would work equally well for a warm weather wedding just about anywhere. You can switch up the colors of the stripes, flowers, and text for a more personalized result.

BLUSHING BLOOMS: Rectangle Invitations

11. Rustic Woodgrain

A long picnic table draped in burlap. Mason jars with flickering votive candles inside. Wildflowers galore. Rustic Woodgrain is the start of a wonderfully relaxed wedding inspired by nature and full of love. Golden-blonde woodgrain acts as a pretty backdrop for delicately etched florals — as well as your event information — for an overall effect that’s an upgraded version of country chic.

RUSTIC WOODGRAIN: All-in-One Wedding Invitations

12. Grape Vineyard Theme

Fall in Napa is harvest time, and the region is so bustling with activity you might not even find an opening to book a date and say your vows. But summer in Napa, now there’s a dream scenario for the wedding of two wine lovers. Choose your vineyard, pop a bottle of bubbly, and then send out these invitations that are timeless while still offering up a glimpse of your personality.

GRAPE VINEYARD THEME: Rectangle Invitations

13. Modern Wreath

A contemporary spin on summer florals, Modern Wreath features a slim gold ring adorned with a handful of beautiful blooms. Your names sit in the center of the circle with a greeting above and your event specifics below. A pink gradient wash and diagonal stripes on the back of the invite up the style stakes and give you another option for customization should you decide to make this design your own.

MODERN WREATH: Rectangle Invitations

14. Regal Romance

Regal Romance skips the lace, flowers, and foliage and instead goes all out with an intricate network of swirls, flourishes, and other embellishments that are nothing if not upscale. The jewel tone backdrop makes this design lean toward summertime, and the sloping font is an intriguing mash-up of royal grandiosity and Old Hollywood class.

REGAL ROMANCE: Rectangle Invitations

15. Bicycle Built For Two

Prepare for a lifetime of fun in the sun with Bicycle Built For Two, a quirky wedding invitation suite that uses contrasting bright colors and images of a bike and little bubble hearts to make sure your big day includes plenty of whimsy. The folded version of the invite takes the theme even further with bike parts that form a heart around the phrase “We’re Getting Married” and a tree that symbolizes your love taking root.

BICYCLE BUILT FOR TWO: Pocket Invitations

16. Shades of Love

Romance abounds with Shades of Love. This invitation is all feminine touches and elegant script, with a geometric border that offsets the soft coloring with a little bit of edge. It's a design befitting a summer theme but it works for a vintage wedding, or you can switch out the pink for an aqua background and you’re ready for a seaside ceremony.

SHADES OF LOVE: Rectangle Invitations

17. Salty Kisses

Sand on one side, the deep ocean blue on the other. Salute your two favorite things about a beach vacay with Salty Kisses. The front of the invite is a wash of blue with drawings of seashells dancing across the bottom. A combination of block and script lettering spells out your info so guests know exactly where to stick their toes in the water with you.

SALTY KISSES: Rectangle Invitations

18. Candlelit Mason Jar

Get ready for the backyard bash of a lifetime. Candlelit Mason Jar is a summer wedding waiting to happen, with dangling jars and faux wood grain (see if you can spy the hidden heart) suggesting an intimate, casual affair that’s just about you and the people you love.

CANDLELIT MASON JAR: Rectangle Invitations

19. Sweet Anemone

White flowers on a white background and an abundance of royal purple make Sweet Anemone an arresting design that demands to be framed. Every feathery soft petal exhibits remarkable detail while dots, stripes, and color-blocking provide some modernity to an otherwise classic suite.

SWEET ANEMONE: Rectangle Invitations

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