2 Royal Wedding Cakes

Let them eat cake at the royal wedding... two of them in fact. William requested one of his childhood favorites and Kate's thoughtful pick~ a traditional English fruit cake.

Go team Fiona Cairns~ the English cake maker chosen to create the confectionery centerpiece for Kate and William's wedding breakfast on April 29, 2011. Of course, much is left to our imaginations with final ingredients and what the fruit cake will ultimately look like, but I'm sure the multi-tiered creation will be stunning~ from the "language of flowers" theme { a 16 different bloom embellishment} to the English and oh-so fancy Joseph Lambeth decorating style.

I wonder though, are fruit cakes still getting a bad rap? Dried fruits. Raisins. Walnuts. French brandy. What are your thoughts on fruit cakes for wedding cakes?  Will their popularity skyrocket in light of the royal wedding?

Here are 3 fruit wedding cakes that are definitely not getting a bad rap from me. They look gorgeous, fresh and delicious. What do you think? Fruit wedding cake or fruit cake?

via Martha Stewart Weddings




I'm guessing I'm one of a few, very few at that, who likes a good fruit cake! Yes, the dried fruit, nuts, and brandy type that weighs a ton. One slice with a fresh brewed cup of coffee. Tummy-lious! My Norwegian roots must be showing!

I love the yellow and white cake ! Such a cute cake !!!

look delicious

My mother attended the wedding of some friends of ours in England and returned to the U.S. with a small piece of the wedding cake for me. I had never had a wedding fruit cake. I had never even heard of wedding cakes made of fruit cake! It was - even given that it was two days old - the most wonderful cake. I decided right then (at 15) that this was the cake I want at my wedding. That part hasn't happened yet, but when it does - traditional English wedding fruit cake for me!

I will contact those person who created this cake for my daughter's debut, but honestly i dont have a daughter right now. hahaha lols

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