21 Floral Wedding Program Styles for Your Wedding

Submitted by cpotter on Monday - March 29, 2021

What is a wedding without wedding flowers? For anyone who loves the sight of a garden in full bloom or remembers fondly the bouquet of bachelor’s buttons and camellia exchanged on their first date, having flowers on your big day is probably high on the wedding wish list. But there’s an opportunity to incorporate botanical elements far beyond your typical bouquets and boutonnieres. These 21 floral wedding program designs run the gamut from subtly sweet to bold and modern, giving you some wonderfully memorable ways to share your ceremony and reception details with guests.

1. Sweet Floral

Feminine, elegant, and undeniably lovely, Sweet Floral uses a spray of pink-tinged blooms on the top and bottom of the program to accent the boxed information displayed in between. This suite is downright dreamy — perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

SWEET FLORAL: Flat Wedding Programs

2. Wedding Florals

Wedding Florals eschews bold colors in favor of white flowers paired with sprigs of lush greenery. The fairly neutral scheme lets your details take center stage while still adding some botanical character.

WEDDING FLORALS: Flat Wedding Programs

3. Majestic Love

Explore a deeper, darker version of floral design with Majestic Love. Two leafy arches span the top and bottom of the wedding invitation, with subtle splashes of color coming courtesy of dusky seeds and muted berries. A luxuriously low-key background completes the effect for a wedding program that’s memorably unique.

MAJESTIC LOVE: Flat Wedding Programs

4. Dreamy Meadows

This modern flat wedding program leads with your names and order of events in contemporary block lettering and ends with a peek at a gorgeous garden vista brimming with wildflowers.

DREAMY MEADOWS: Flat Wedding Programs

5. Floral Touch

Two perfect flowers represent two people who are utterly perfect for each other. Floral Touch is a streamlined yet sentimental design that uses sparing decoration to create a program that’s impactful despite its simplicity.

FLORAL TOUCH: Flat Wedding Programs

6. Soft Rose

From the muted pink background to the petal pink flowers tucked into the corner, Soft Rose is all about sophistication and elegance. The fan format makes it particularly appropriate for a garden or waterfront wedding where guests will appreciate having a program that’s as pretty as it is practical.

SOFT ROSE: Wedding Program Fans

7. Sophisticated Succulents

Cacti are flowers too! Well, some are at least, and the mesmerizing colors featured in our Sophisticated Succulents suite makes this design well worth considering for any floral-themed wedding. The succulents form a border around the entire front of the program, leaving the center free for your name and ceremony details, while the black is graphic-free for a clean and crisp presentation.


8. Botanical Grace

The tone-on-tone floral design at the heart of Botanical Grace is so delicate you might almost miss it, but that’s part of the charm. The subtlety is endearing and pairs particularly well with the elegant script used to inscribe your names. Use darker colors on the inside of the folded program for a striking counterpoint.

BOTANICAL GRACE: Folded Wedding Programs

9. Vintage Garden

Peek-a-boo! Turn-of-the-century florals meet modern typeface with Vintage Garden, a design suite that uses clever cutouts to reveal portions of a Victorian-inspired painting-like swath of flowers. The inside of the program is just as strategic, with a border of the same floral pattern that makes the clean, white insert stand out even more. 

VINTAGE GARDEN: Folded Wedding Programs

10. Modern Wreath

A little boho, a little contemporary, and a whole lot of beautiful. Modern Wreath features a golden ring around your name and a delightful spray of wildflowers. Add in similar flower graphics on the inside of the program and a soft gradient pattern on the back page, and you have a design suite that’s romantic without feeling fussy.

MODERN WREATH: Folded Wedding Programs

11. Country Florals

Country Florals offers a bolder take on florals, with vivid plums and peaches mixed with soft blush pinks and sprigs of greenery, all cascading down the left-hand side of the folded program’s cover. The back of the program really brings the floral motif home, with wall-to-wall watercolor bouquets that are perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

COUNTRY FLORALS: Folded Wedding Programs

12. Dramatic Roses

There’s nothing dainty about Dramatic Roses, but that’s okay — the magic here is in the abundance of color, and it’s all thanks to a bounty of opulent red roses. As if that wasn’t romantic enough, there’s also space to add a photo of your choice alongside your names written in a gorgeous, slanted script.

DRAMATIC ROSES: Folded Wedding Programs

13. Botanical Cascade

Realism gives way to whimsy with Botanical Cascade. Bold pop art flowers trail from corner to corner across the front of the program, with a welcome script confined to the upper right and your names on the bottom left. It’s an eye-catchingly graphic design that feels both classic and modern.

BOTANICAL CASCADE: Folded Wedding Programs

14. Rustic Woodgrain

Florals take a country turn with Rustic Woodgrain, a design anchored by a whitewashed woodgrain background. On the top and bottom of the program sits a trail of sketched flowers outlined in white. Customize the colors to match your personal aesthetic or your reception, or leave it neutral for a country chic effect that’s sweetly romantic.

RUSTIC WOODGRAIN: Flat Wedding Programs

15. Romantic Garden

Why tiptoe through the tulips when you could have dozens or even hundreds of guests fanning themselves with these enchanting Romantic Garden wedding programs? Your names and wedding details peek out from the center of a circle of colorful blooms, while the back is a simple wash of color to ensure the names of your bridal party are easily legible.

ROMANTIC GARDEN: Wedding Program Fans

16. Diamond Garden

The geometric shapes favored by Art Deco artists meet watercolor florals with Diamond Garden. The diamond pattern is echoed on the inside and the back of the program (if you choose the folded version) for a modern feel that leans more bright and happy than it does edgy.

DIAMOND GARDEN: Folded Wedding Programs

17. Love’s Whisper

Don’t let your big city wedding keep you from slipping some florals onto your design board. Love’s Whisper is wholeheartedly modern, with a striking color-blocked cover accented by a boldly outlined flower arrangement that looks as if it was drawn by hand. The back cover of the folded version of this program is almost identical save for the addition of your monogram and two similarly sketched arches of laurel. An instant classic.

LOVE'S WHISPER: Folded Wedding Programs

18. Floral Watercolor

There’s nothing understated about Floral Watercolor. While “watercolor” often denotes soft washes of translucent hues, here the flowers are more like stained glass, with vivid blue, pink, and yellow tones providing a stunning backdrop for your names displayed in a bold, black font. This program is a gorgeous choice for an outdoor wedding or for an indoor reception designed to bring the outdoors in.

FLORAL WATERCOLOR: Folded Wedding Programs

19. Floral Burst

The flowers in Floral Burst linger on the bottom of the program like a shadow, with subtle grays used to hint at a garden in full bloom without injecting colors that might distract from your other wedding-day decor. Or, if you prefer a more striking design, customize your colors for a bespoke result that’s uniquely you.

FLORAL BURST: Flat Wedding Programs

20. Perfect Paradise

Whether you’re headed to a tropical locale for your big day or want to bring a splash of the tropics to your hometown, Perfect Paradise fits the bill, well, perfectly. A wreath of exotic flowers, ferns, and palm fronds rings your welcome note and main wedding details, with the ceremony schedule listed down below. It’s simple and sleek, yet you can almost smell the ocean air and coconut-infused cocktails.

PERFECT PARADISE: Flat Wedding Programs

21. Geo Floral

Geometric cutouts and monochrome florals share the stage in this modern suite. Geo Floral feels distinctly contemporary, with plenty of asymmetry and an attention-getting frame to shine a light on key wedding details.
GEO FLORAL: Flat Wedding Programs Whether you’re in love with the idea of incorporating wedding program fans into your backyard nuptials or want the sophistication of a tea-length program, there are floral designs that will tick all the boxes on your wish list and then some. To see how your design will look once your personal information is added, order free samples today.