21 Save the Date Magnets to Help Keep Your Wedding Stuck on People’s Minds

Even though we’re all staying at home a little more than usual these days, you still want to give people as much of a heads-up as possible with something as big as your wedding date. Sending out save the dates lets guests know there's a mega party coming up, and the design you choose lets them know what kind of shindig you're throwing.

Here are 21 save-the-date magnet designs that will help you ensure your wedding date is one guests won't double-book. 

1. Fun Photostrip

Just as the name suggests, this Fun Photostrip save-the-date magnet takes its inspiration from the strips of photos you get at carnival booths and amusement parks. Pick three of your favorite snapshots, and don't be shy — candid snaps will be just as captivating as professional engagement shots. The more creative you are, the harder it'll be for guests to forget, and that's a very good thing. 

Fun Photostrip - Save the Date Magnet

2. Autumn

You may not have the time (or the proximity to a park) needed to go and carve you and your intended's names in a tree trunk, but that's okay. For starters, that's not great for the tree, but more importantly, you can get the same effect in a way that lasts a lot longer thanks to this Autumn save-the-date magnet. Your names appear etched for posterity, and your event’s relevant details are written just to the side.

Autumn - Save the Date Magnet

3. Mustache You To Wed 

Feeling punny? Whether you're known for your sense of humor or happen to be the wacky couple everyone loves to have fun with, you’ll need a save-the-date magnet that matches those bigger-than-life personalities. Mustache You To Wed features adorable mustache and lip icons to represent the future Mr. and Mrs. Add your own quirky picture to complete the effect and give your guests a reason to smile every time they pass by their fridge

Mustache You To Wed - Save the Date Magnet

4. Love Airways

A destination wedding calls for a save-the-date magnet that echoes that same feeling of wanderlust. Love Airways features a mock-up of a plane ticket that you can personalize with the names of you and your beloved, your wedding date, and even your wedding website. If you want to stick with the travel theme, the Love Airways wedding invitations are just as cute and whimsical

Love Airways - Save the Date Magnet

5. Marquee Theater

See your names in lights with Marquee Theater, a save-the-date magnet that's perfect for movie buffs or anyone who envisions their big day as a red-carpet event. You can personalize the message on the sign and add your wedding website below for a Hollywood spin on traditional save-the-dates that's sure to have your guests on the edge of their seats

Marquee Theater - Save the Date Magnet

6. Bold Type

Strong, modern, and striking: that's what the Bold Type save-the-date magnet is all about. There's white space galore, which helps the thick, block-lettered monogram stand out even more. Bold Type offers no frills; there’s just a laser focus on the details that matter most, and a contemporary aesthetic that's perfect for a wedding made to set trends rather than follow them

Bold Type - Save the Date Magnet

7. Triangle Crush

Get ready for your close-up! The triangle in Triangle Crush provides a frame for you and your sweetheart's faces and then points your guests’ gazes down toward your wedding details, moving them naturally from your smiles to your wedding date, names, and location. It's a clean, modern design that looks polished without feeling stuffy

Triangle Crush - Save the Date Magnet

8. Story Of Us

Whether yours is a tale as old as time or a whirlwind romance that's recent but mighty, it's a story that deserves to be told. Lay out the highlights of your first date, proposal, and future wedding info in storybook format so guests can be caught up on your journey before you say, “I do.

Story Of Us - Save the Date Magnet

9. Made For Each Other

Modern with a bit of a wink, Made For Each Other combines a simple black-and-white color scheme (though you can tweak the colors to almost anything you want), which leaves the focus on the two photos you choose to include. A fun font and asymmetrical blocking keep things feeling fresh

Made For Each Other - Save the Date Magnet

10. Twinkling Hearts

Throwing a backyard bash or infusing rustic elements into your reception? Twinkling Hearts combines strings of lights with playful hearts and a chalkboard-like background for a fun take on a save-the-date magnet. The cheerful design hints at a lighthearted, high-spirited wedding guests won't want to miss

Twinkling Hearts - Save the Date Magnet

11. Love Arrows

How can you be sure that your save-the-date magnet will score the attention it deserves on the face of a guest’s crowded fridge? Love Arrows is here to solve that problem. This magnet's design is more significant for what it doesn't have than what it does. Sure, the crisscrossed arrows and tiny heart are adorable, but the straightforward typography, solid background, and overall clean aesthetic stands out because of its simplicity rather than in spite of it

Love Arrows - Save the Date Magnet

12. Stacked Charm

Every save-the-date magnet needs to center at least two things: your names and your wedding date. Both elements share the spotlight with our Stacked Charm design, but it's the way they're featured that's special: An extra-large font for your names, then a unique calendar strip that uses a little heart and highlight to indicate the big day

Stacked Charm - Save the Date Magnet

13. Simply Striking

Proving nature-themed save the dates can be modern too, Simply Striking combines a lush bed of ferns with a geometric frame for an eye-catching result. The use of contrasting fonts for first and last names adds another layer of appeal that will help keep guests' eyes on your reminder

Simply Striking - Save the Date Magnet

14. Field Of Dreams

Talk about a classic! Embrace your traditional side with this Field Of Dreams design, a soft, almost vintage-influenced save the date that offers a timeless take on romance. Grass instead of flowers, a single punchy color, and carefully chosen typography come together for a genius layout that's layered without being busy

Field Of Dreams - Save the Date Magnet

15. Stacked Sophisticate

Get to the point without sacrificing an ounce of style thanks to Stacked Sophisticate. Upload your favorite photo to use as the background, then the date lines up right down the middle of the magnet with the day, month, and year each on different lines. No muss, no fuss — just key info communicated in an elegant way

Stacked Sophisticate - Save the Date Magnet

16. Date + Place

If you like Stacked Sophisticate but want to add just a little more info, you'll love our Date + Place design. It's a similar photo-based layout with the date overlaid in big letters, but we've added a spot for you to share your wedding location, too. Now that your guests will know the when and the where, the only thing left is for them to excitedly await the big day!

Date + Place - Save the Date Magnet

17. Soft And Sweet

The cherry blossoms arching out from the side of our Soft And Sweet save-the-date magnet are so pretty you can almost smell their delicate floral aroma. It's romance personified, which is perfect for couples who prefer sweet over striking and elegant over edgy. It's great for a spring wedding, too, or “I dos” that are taking place in an outdoor setting like a botanical garden

Soft And Sweet - Save the Date Magnet

18. Royal Emblem

A wedding set to rival William and Kate's deserves a save-the-date magnet to match. Royal Emblem is the epitome of pomp and circumstance, with an ornate design full of flourishes and every detail spelled out in elegant script. Guests who get this magnet will have no doubts about the gala they are soon to attend

Royal Emblem - Save the Date Magnet

19. Starfish

If you're leaning toward a beach wedding, our Starfish save-the-date magnet is the perfect way to get everyone ready for fun in the sun. Just looking at the ocean-inspired design is enough to make you wish for sand between your toes, so don't be surprised if you get a record number of RSVPs

Starfish - Save the Date Magnet

20. Pencil Us In

Finally, a save-the-date magnet that gives clear instructions on what guests are supposed to do!

Okay, most people know what these heads-up announcements are all about, but Pencil Us In offers a playful alternative to the regular "Save the Date" banner that speaks to you and your spouse-to-be's desire to plan a wedding that's just a little bit different

Pencil Us In - Save the Date Magnet

21. True Love's Thumbprint

Two individuals coming together in love: That's what True Love's Thumbprint is all about. The design is unique and sweetly sentimental, and the fact that most people won't have seen it before gives guests even more reason to slap this magnet up on their fridge in anticipation of day you'll finally tie the knot

True Love's Thumbprin - Save the Date Magnet

Telling your guests to save your wedding date well in advance is a courtesy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. With dozens of save-the-date designs available in magnet, card, and postcard formats, MagnetStreet is sure to have a layout you'll love.