5 Common Wedding Program Mistakes

Aug 21 2014

Smart and Stylish…  The tone of your wedding ceremony is set through the tone of your wedding program. They’re conversation starters and your guests will read them! Below are 5 common mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding programs.

Tea-length Wedding Program from MagnetStreet + 5 common mistakes to avoid when planning your programs.

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#1. Not putting a personal twist on your program design!

Let your personality shine! Your program is a practical stationery item but it’s also a keepsake and another opportunity to carry your colors, coordinate your theme and share your personal side. Choose the size and shape that best fits your personality and wedding style. A few noteworthy items:

  • a snapshot of your love story
  • poems & other unique wording
  • special thank yous, memorials, dedications

#2. Not giving yourself enough time to prepare!

Program preparation is paramount! As the order of events and music can change at the last minute, this stationery piece is usually the last item to be ordered. Start early. Be aware:

  • does your place of worship have strict guidelines i.e. music?
  • check acoustics at ceremony site–it might not be right with your selected music
  • is your timeline and order of events reasonable?

#3. Not proofreading your program!

No misspells! Have a few trusted family and friends take a look at your program to make sure you’ve got the deets down and in the right order. A few proofing items include:

  • listing out the wedding music: “song” (composer) performer
  • ensure there are no typos
  • order of events is correct

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#4. Not including the important details!

 Consider your content! Programs are conversation starters that also help guests get comfortable right from the start. And, guests are wondering about the important people taking a major role in your big day! Remember, programs are keepsakes too. Consider adding:

  • short, wedding party intros/bios
  • who’s who: readers, musicians
  • explanation of wedding rituals/traditions

#5. Not taking advantage of discounts and giveaways!

Be budget conscious! When you take advantage of discounts and giveaways on all of your stationery items, you have a better chance of staying on budget and even getting a few of those extras you have your heart set on! YAY.

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