9 Fun/Unique Wedding Invitation Styles To Consider For Your Big Day

Submitted by Truly Engaging… on Monday - December 23, 2019

It goes without saying that wedding invitations are an important part of making sure your special day goes off smoothly, but don't forget that invites can be as fun as they are functional. Check out these ideas for unique wedding invitations and send your info out in style.

1. Get flashy with foil

For people who don't feel fully dressed without some sparkle, there are foil wedding invitations that bring the shine and shimmer. Choose from metallics like classic gold, cool silver, and the very on-trend rose gold and use as little (just for your names, perhaps) or as much (full borders, art deco flourishes, or all of the above) as you like. It's the ideal way to set the stage for your wedding theme; an invitation that glistens as it slides out of the envelope lets guests know they're in for an elegant, eye-catching event.

Foil Wedding Invitations

2. Embrace an earthy invite with an edge

You can't stroll through a craft fair without seeing tables full of agate pendants and paperweights, and there's a reason these rocks are skyrocketing in popularity. No two bits of agate are the same, and that kind of individuality is perfectly suited for happy couples who want to avoid cookie-cutter wedding invitations. Dazzle guests with agate invites that bring something to the table that feels both natural and new. Tailor the faux rocks to your color palette, add texture with raised foil, and frame your details in a way that truly dazzles.

Agate Wedding Invitations

3. Let your invites take shape (beyond the go-to rectangle)

Standard rectangular invitations have been customary for so long, most people don't even realize there are other options. That's a shame, because alternatively shaped wedding invites can add a subtle flair or totally change up the look and feel of your stationery. Choices range from understated curved corners that lend a soft, feminine feel to bracket-like edges that ensure your message will stand out like a diamond in a coal mine, even if it accidentally finds itself tucked into a pile of junk mail.

4. Match your invites to your geographic location

If you're getting hitched far away from home, consider a destination wedding invitation that sets the scene faster than your guests can say "RSVP". Choose a pair of starfish ambling across a sandy background to complement your tropical I dos, or transport everyone to the snowcapped mountains of Tahoe with graphics so picturesque you can practically smell the evergreens. From Parisian polish to the monochrome sophistication of the New York City skyline, these designs put a little piece of your wedding locale right in the envelope.

5. Showcase your playful side with pocket invitations

If unique invitation shapes weren't enough for you, there are pocket wedding invitations that give the included cards somewhere cozy to sit until they're unwrapped. No more avalanche of paper when guests open their envelopes or last-minute scramble when they realize they have no idea where they put the venue address. These quirky little pockets are a Type A wedding planner's dream, encouraging organization from invite to attendance, with plenty of aesthetics on display along the way.

Foldover pockets resembling boardroom portfolios are inarguably spiffy and make a memorable contrast when paired with pastels or filigree. If you want your invites to make a more striking entrance, opt for vertical foldover invitations; as guests flip open their invites, they're greeted with an inside pocket holding essentials like RSVP postcards and enclosure cards.

Pocket Wedding Invitation

6. Stick to your roots with rustic wedding invitations

Big, over-the-top weddings in expensive venues with impossibly spectacular chandeliers sure get a lot of airplay, and for good reason. They're impressive and make for good TV. That said, not everyone wants to get married in a ballgown surrounded by crystal-studded flower displays. Rustic wedding invitations are a smart way to incorporate natural elements without losing style or substance. Whimsical vine borders, floral watermarks, photo realistic tree pics, and lace-like detailing on burlap-inspired paper all work wonderfully whether you're getting married in the woods or just want to bring the outdoors inside as you lead up to your big day.

7. DIY invites that go from uniquely classy to utterly crazy

When you have a vision in your head of how you want your invitation to look and no premade designs fit the bill, even with all the color tweaks and font changes at your disposal, consider uploading your own design and having it professionally printed.

  • Draw out your love timeline from your meet-cute (everyone has one, whether you realize how cute it is or not!) to the proposal itself
  • Make a collage of personal photos spelling out your relationship image by image
  • Use a caricature or sketch of you and your love
  • Find a map of your hometown to use as a background
  • Craft a celestial invitation using a smattering of random constellations or the two that correspond to your astrological signs

8. Play peek-a-boo with envelope liners

There's nothing wrong with a crisp white envelope. In fact, sometimes it's exactly what you need to accompany an invitation bursting with vibrant colors or a delightfully loud pattern, but other times your envelope is a chance to make your first impression count. Envelope liners offer a glimpse of personality or tease your reception theme using colors, patterns, and graphics that run the gamut from bold solids to tongue-in-cheek text. You can emblazon the inner flap with a monogram, wash it in watercolors, announce that "happily ever after begins", or introduce your waterside wedding with nautical stripes dotted with tiny anchors.

9. Start the celebration with confetti

A stellar invitation is all you need to get your guests in gear, but if you can go the extra mile, why not do it? Once you've assembled and addressed your invites, take a moment to slip in a surprise. The craft store has a multitude of confetti cut into everything from palm trees to champagne flutes, or you can put in wine charms with the recipient's initial. Dried florals work for an outdoor wedding while a card featuring a recipe for your favorite celebratory cocktail adds another personal touch and gets people excited for the signature drinks they'll enjoy at your reception.

Treat invitations like you're making a grand entrance on your very first red carpet — this is a prime opportunity to make a statement, so take a moment to see what moves you and give yourself the wedding stationary you deserve. For more big day inspiration and ideas for amazing I dos, follow MagnetStreet on social media.