A Sweet Wedding Proposal

Jan 25 2012

Rebekah & Jeremiah, saving the date 11-17-2012

Photographer: Kristy Vest Photography
Save the Date: MagnetStreet Weddings
Wedding Colors: Navy, Taupe, and Ivory.
Wedding Style: Very clean, elegant, and chic 

Girl says “yes” to boy on bended knee! I love everything about this session–from the sweetest wedding proposal ever told, to the pure, raw joy–so beautifully captured in these vibrant images!

Go ahead, we’ll wait. Grab a few tissues … you may need them as Rebekah tells us about her proposal, sitting in the middle of a field, under a setting sun. How cool is that?

country engagement session

Rebekah’s Proposal Story

The pictures were intended to be a “mini” session with Kristy–it was her Winter/Christmas special. I knew the pictures would be outside around sunset and near a barn, and the chair in the open field was a total surprise to me! Upon arrival for our session, I was SO excited when I saw the chair in the open field. I had seen pictures like that before but never thought I would have any of them. We began taking pictures around the barn, and right near sunset is when we made our way to the chair.

I was sitting in the chair and Jeremiah was standing behind me for the first few pictures, then Kristy suggested we try something different, I looked down to fix my hair and dress, and Jeremiah said “like this?” When I looked up he had the box in hand, and got on one knee in front of me. I immediately covered my face and cried. Finally! This man I love was asking me to be his wife! I was so excited but so overcome with love, that tears were all I had.  

I quickly realized that there were more pictures to be had, now that I was getting engaged!! So I tried to dry up my tears and then those sweet words I had been longing to hear came out of his mouth, “Will you marry me?”  Before he could get the question out I screamed YES!  I couldn’t kiss and hug him enough, I could have exploded with excitement! I just kept squealing.

Jeremiah and Kristy were SO relieved! Kristy was in on the surprise, and they had been planning for over two months. Kristy said she had lost sleep over our session, hoping it would go perfect! All day she said, she thought she had been more nervous than Jeremiah was! They did such a wonderful job and I am SO grateful Kristy was there to capture our once in a life time, special moment.

Save the Date Magnet

(Bold and attention-grabbing, Rebekah & Jeremiah chose “Devoted” Save the Date Magnet design. What a keepsake–not only for the big day, but the powerful emotions of the day! Bravo!!}

Gorgeous, right?! All of nature chiming in on their perfect day–so perfectly captured. Congratulations Jeremiah & Rebekah. Thanks for sharing your sweet story–we can’t wait to see your wedding pictures now!

OK Tennessee brides-to-be, love the natural light photography style of Kristy Vest … find her, like her and follow her on facebook here. She’s a gem!




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6 thoughts on “A Sweet Wedding Proposal

  1. Heidi, thank you so much!! I loved every bit of it! I already knew the story but it still makes me cry! We can’t thank you enough!!


  2. I just LOVE this…how romantic – how memorable.
    I love that Jeremiah set this up – that the photographer was involved & that Rebekah was pleasantly surprised. Her outfit couldn’t be more adorable & I love – L O V E the chair in the field. CONGRATULATIONS to Rebekah & Jeremiah, God Bless you both in your marriage.

  3. Wow, kudos to Kristy Vest for such stunning photography. I love the soft, romantic glow that emanates from these photos…really captures the raw beauty and emotion behind their proposal. Congrats to Jeremiah and Rebekah!

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