Advice for the Groom

Mar 8 2012

How to choose your groomsmen:
• Choosing a brother is a given. Your fiancée may want her brother(s) to be involved as well.
• Think of your life-long friends after that.
• Cousins should also be considered.
• If you have too many groomsmen for your party, you can make the others ushers to include them in your wedding

If you decide to write your own vows:
• Write a list of reasons why you chose your bride-to-be
• Think about your favorite memories
• Make sure you’re comfortable reading aloud what you wrote (to all of your friends and family!)
• Practice, practice, practice! When the day actually comes, try to relax and take your time.

Dealing with pre-wedding day stress:
• Have a fun date night! (with no mention of wedding talk)
• Play your favorite sport with buddies to relieve stress
• Self-indulge in something for the two of you (couples massage, a special gift, etc)

Dealing with your own “Bridezilla”
• Know that an occasional outburst is normal and common!
• Give her a break. Try to take a small task off of her plate to try to relax her (homemade dinner, out for a cup of decaf)
• Get involved in the planning (even if it’s just agreeing to what the centerpieces will be)

Other tips:
• Think about what you want to add to the gift registry- no category is off limits! Electronics, kitchen supplies, power tools, etc.
• Be a peacemaker between families (Especially between bride and future mother-in-law wedding opinions)
• Lend an ear when she’s stressed.

What’s your advice for the groom?

Contributing writer: Kathryn Hagan

source: The Man Registry
Photo Credit: My Forever Images–from Anna & Valik’s Country Wedding



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