Behind the Design: Bicycle Built for Two

Nov 1 2012

We’re celebrating one of our newest designs today: Bicycle Built for Two.

Who doesn’t have great memories from childhood that include bikes? Sure, there were a few spills and run-ins with trees and curbs but for the most part–bikes have always meant: friends, freedom, travel and adventure. Perhaps that’s why bicycles and weddings go together so well! Or maybe it’s because we simply love the sweet simplicity of a bicycle–especially when they’re decorated and used as the getaway! You can’t beat the photo ops.

Our graphic designer, Lisa, shared her inspiration behind her “Bicycle Built for Two” design. This board “leans toward the hipster, quirky, eco-friendly, vintage couple.”

There might be a little of that in all of us! What do you think?


Check out Save the Date for “Bicycle Built for Two” and its coordinating Square Wedding Invitation. And for inquiring minds, here’s the entire family of Bicycle Built for Two across the product lines.

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bride + groom + bikes, colored trays, balloons, table setting, bouquethearts on bike spokes, towel,
dapper e-sesh, ring, men’s t-shirt, old bike in green grass



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One thought on “Behind the Design: Bicycle Built for Two

  1. Simply adorable! I love how playful and laid back it looks. Reminds me of riding side by side down a dirt road in the countryside….very romantic 🙂

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