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Sep 23 2011

I love the fresh inspirations that naturally come with every season change–especially for decor and party themes. Are you throwing a wedding shower this fall? Great–because not only do I have 5 terrific wedding shower invitations to spark your interest, I also have 5 fantastic and easy diy coordinating centerpiece ideas too! Be inspired by the loveliness of autumn to bring color and personality to your bridal shower theme.

Beauty of Fall. If a person could have a card crush, “Circle Splendor” would be mine! Spread the bounty with this cute & quirky shower invitation featuring fall’s finest shades. And how darling is this centerpiece gourd that is doubling as a flower vase?! Seriously delightful.

 Circle Splendor Wedding Shower Invitation Card


Whimsical & Elegant. Love the graceful look to the free-flowing vines of “Sweet Vine” wedding shower invite. Custom wording and colors will automatically reflect your party’s tone and theme.

So easy–I will definitely be recreating this centerpiece idea: trim a few branches when the colors are at their peak and put them into a hurricane vase. Love the mini pumpkins at the bottom.

Sweet VineWedding Shower Invitation

fall wedding shower invitation with vines


Cornucopia of Color. Between the centerpiece and the invitation, there is such a vibrant abundance of color here. The look is fun and overflowing with festivity. I altered the color on some of the leaves to “pumpkin”so that the card would have a specific fall feel.

 Spring Delight Wedding Shower Invitation

multi-colored, fall wedding invitation


Fanciful Without Fuss. With warm colors and a white background, “Flower Punch” feels cheery and welcoming! And, the way the flowers are randomly arranged in a variety of sizes, adds just the right measure of energy. The centerpiece for such a fun and appealing invite–a simple tree-trunk slice with a wine bottle gives off a rustic vibe that’s relaxed and easy-going. Perfect.

Flower Punch Wedding Shower Invitation

whimsical fall shower wedding invitation


Rustic Simplicity. With its simple and organic look, “Carved in Love” is one of our most popular wedding shower invitations. No trees are harmed when you carve the bride and groom’s names into this tree! *Love* this centerpiece idea–easy as 1-2-3–fall blooms within overturned cocktail glasses.  Simply creative.

 Carved in Love Wedding Shower Invitation

fall wedding shower invitation

Which is your favorite invitation and/or centerpiece idea?

creative fall centerpieces via Better Homes & Gardens


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4 thoughts on “Bridal Shower Invitations +

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Circle Splendor invite! It’s just the right amount of whimsy – without the fuss. So perfect!

  2. Fall centerpieces are so fun and the fall flowers right now are so beautiful! Carving out a mini pumpkin and filling with Mums or pairing acorns or pine cones in a mason jar are also cheap DIY centerpiece ideas.

  3. Circle Splendor with the gourd-turned vase…such a fun invite design, and perfectly translates to the shape/style of the gourd and flowers. I may have to steal these ideas… lots of creative fun here!

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