Wedding Stationery Trend: Calendar Save the Dates

Submitted by Sarah on Wednesday - May 1, 2019

Calendar Save the Dates

The purpose of sending out save the dates is ... well ... so friends and family can mark their calendars for your wedding day (captain obvious here). So why not "mark" their calendars for them? Calendar Save the Dates are super popular among couples this year, and they are a top seller among our save the date collection. 

Real Couples' Calendar Save the Dates

We've collected a few designs that real couples have customized and ordered recently, and we just love how they turned out. With their gorgeous photos showcased along with their circled dates ... family and friends will have a gorgeous keepsake to display (and a date they cannot forget!). And we love getting to know our customers, so we had a mini Q&A to hear more of their story. 

Calendar Save the Dates

Delanie & Jacob

Design: The Big Date | Photo by Jacob's sister, Lacey Gillen

  • Our first date was June 26th, 2015 we went to a golf course around midnight, stargazed and shared our first kiss.
  • Our proposal was April 30, 2018. He took me to this place called Two Tails Ranch, and elephant sanctuary (elephants are my all time favorite animal). He took me on an elephant ride and just as I was about to get off he proposed. Best day ever!
  • Our wedding theme is rustic because we’re having it at a ranch, it was the first venue we looked at and we fell in love.

Calendar Save the Dates

Stacy & Todd 

Design: Date Check | Photo by Rochelle Barricklow of Dearheart Photography

  • He proposed during a scheduled family photo shoot with all of our kids there to witness.  <3
  • We picked 09/21/2019 for our date, because all the numbers in that date have a matching pair ...00/99/11/22
  • Our wedding theme is vintage glam, because I love the classic look, but I also love the sparkle of decorations. 

Calendar Save the Dates

Johnelle & Leon 

Design: Upload Your Own | Photo by Cre Jenay Photography

  • Cupid can shoot his arrow at any time. As I was running errands, I happened to come across a family member with whom my fiance’ was working with and he introduced us, and it was love at first sight.
  • Our first date was at a R&B Valentine’s Day concert and through conversation we both realized we had a love for breakfast foods. The concert ended late, so we decided that we were going to go to a Waffle House that was located not too far from the concert venue.
  • One day last year, he surprised me with an in-home dinner date. In the middle of dinner, he got down on one knee and asked would I make him the happiest man on earth by marrying him. Of course, I said YES!
  • Living in South Louisiana, our spring, summer, and winter can be so unpredictable, but fall is a magical time for us. We both have a love for outdoors, so we agreed that October would be best for our wedding date.
  • We chose a beach wedding theme because of our love for outdoors. It will allow us to spend time with our family and friends, watching the sunset, and taking in all the love and support that will surround us on our day.

Calendar Save the Dates

Tess & Jared

Design: Delightful Date | Photo by Aimee of Bailey Lane Photos

  • I wanted a magnet that people would be able to put on their fridge. The only save the dates that I have kept over the years and really loved the most were magnets. Jared wanted to have a calendar on it because he said that it would help the single guys to remember the date of the wedding better. So all that was left to do was choose from the many pictures Aimee took from our engagement pictures which was extremely hard. 
  • Jared proposed on Thanksgiving at his grandmothers house with my parents there as well. Every year before we eat we stand in a circle and go around and say what we are thankful for. I was the second to last in the circle to say what I was thankful for, and Jared went after me. When it was Jared's time to go, he started telling us how thankful he was for me and how great I am to him and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. It took me a while to realize he was not just telling us what he was thankful for ... but that he was also proposing. He got down on one knee in the middle of the circle and pulled out a ring and asked me to marry him.  
  • The wedding date was decided on because of me being in nursing school, I wanted to be out of nursing school before we got married. Jared wanted the temperature to be nice, because he really had his heart set on a barn wedding. So we went with October 19, 2019, because it is before the time change and would still be daylight for a little longer, The first cool front where we live is usually the second week of October. Oh, and 10-19-19 is a lot easier to remember, lol!

Calendar Save the Dates

Lum & Mark 

Design: It's Our Date | Photo by Asa Photography

  • My fiance and I loved the options available to create our design, and went through several iterations before coming up with the final product ... we're happy that others seem to like the design as well!
  • My fiance and I had a very chance (i.e.. fateful) meeting on a summer afternoon in July 2016.  We unknowingly worked a few blocks away from each other, and frequented an area where food truck vendors set up shop everyday to service local businesses. I, by chance, went to my favorite food truck but without my co-workers as I normally do, while he did the same for a truck he goes to often. Unfortunately for him, the line for his food was long and he was short on time for a meeting, but he saw the line I was standing in was much shorter, so he came over my way to order food and took a chance to say 'Hi' and the rest is history!  
  • My fiance planned a two-week road trip through the desert southwest U.S. in July 2018 to celebrate our two-year anniversary. On the second to last full day, he told me he had late evening plans for dinner but early evening plans for a "water related excursion". We went to Baker Beach in San Francisco to meet his supposed point of contact for his planned excursion, but it was just a ruse to get me to an open spot on the sand to pop the question with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background ... I was very surprised, not only did he pop the question but he managed to conceal (and not lose) the ring while lugging it on the road for two weeks!
  • We wanted to do a late summer/early fall wedding in Upstate NY close to where we are both from originally.  Specifically, we were trying to confirm a venue that coincided with the day we met and otherwise has significance for us both (the 28th) but everything we were interested in was booked for that date over one year out. By a stroke of luck, we followed up with one of our initial top choices for venue and they indicated that someone had canceled for Sept. 21st, and so we jumped on it. We will be having an outdoor ceremony at a vineyard overlooking a lake, so it should be very scenic and intimate surrounded by family and friends.

Calendar Save the Dates

Herrin & Jamin

Design: Date Check | Photo: Phone selfie

  • Met in Huntsville, Alabama
  • First date was at a sushi restaurant
  • Proposal was in the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada. 
  • Our wedding theme is classic style on the mountain top in North Carolina. It represents our personalities and how far we've had to go to find each other.