Carrier Cards for Mini Save the Dates ON SALE!

Apr 27 2009

SPECIAL… All this week! …. through Friday, 5/1/09

Cute! Cute! Cute! Carrier cards to coordinate with your mini Save the Date magnet….

Not only do they do they sweetly frame your Save the Date, they act as the perfect communication tool for getting extra information to your guests.  Personalize the backside of a Carrier Card to include additional info on i.e.  hotel accommodations… directions… your wedding website… registry info… share a special poem or proverb… ANYTHING!  And~ the Carrier Card does not have to be separated from the magnet; they will both stick to the fridge!

Check out the Mini Save the Date magnet gallery here and to coordinate, check out the linen paper carrier cards here.  Play around with the colors and fonts and text in the Design Studio!

Mini Save the Dates with Carrier Cards

sea-of-love mini save the date and carrier card

fall-mini save the date and carrier card-10537



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5 thoughts on “Carrier Cards for Mini Save the Dates ON SALE!

  1. I love the carrier card idea….with the carrier card there’s more than just the save the date magnet. The presentation is prettier & hotel information can easily be printed on the backside, cool idea!

  2. @Chrissi
    hmmm 2×2 is pretty small. Our {smallest} mini magnets are 2×3.5 and come with envelopes that you can mail in. I suggest attaching your magnets to a carrier card and then mailing in a larger rectangular envelope. {You may be charged xtra postage if the envelope is square.} Good Luck!

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