Wedding Decor

Let's ease into this week with four charming, lighthearted and funny wedding cake toppers that will surely put a smile on your face. Which is your favorite? Who can resist the lure of a chalkboard? via etsy designer togetherforever Another non-traditional cake topper made from a single wire via etsy designer heatherboyd Valentines Day or a destination wedding theme: a love lobster cake topper via...Read more
Inspired by cookie tins. If you're like me, you accumulate multi-size cookie tins every holiday season. I have three sitting on my counter right now . Why not re-purpose the tins into pretty centerpieces for a less formal or casual affair ... Simply adhere lovely fabric that coordinates with your theme to the tins and attach embellishments like flower and tulle for a complete effect. I love the...Read more
I have a renewed appreciation for using topiaries as wedding centerpieces and in reception decor. They can be so fabulously interesting. Check out this unique topiary... a darling turn of the century bride and groom I spotted at the horticultural building at the Minnesota State Fair this year. Wouldn't they be fun guests at a vintage wedding? We tend to think of live plants being groomed into a...Read more
No doubt about it, a properly executed wedding sign and its messaging has the potential to make your guests smile, give them direction and pack a space with all kinds of personality! "here comes the bride sign" via Etsy's Funki Folk Art Sure, this sign is adorable for the flower girl or ring bearer to carry but also to simply hang outside the room the bride is getting ready in... Hung by organza...Read more
Flower petal Power! Dress up your small spaces at the reception with sweet little flora punches to bring a surprising element of cheeriness to maybe an otherwise forgotten area. Containers that reflect your theme or the purpose of the space could be a really fun and unique expression... For instance~ a creamer as a flower container at the coffee bar or perhaps a cordial glass to hold flower...Read more
Paper of love... Japanese Origami. No wonder this centuries-old art form continues to inspire weddings through today. Symbolizing marriage and longevity... Origami is an elegant and budget-friendly choice~ perfectly suited for wedding decor and more! sweet necklace... an Origami rose nestling a freshwater pearl a gorgeous Origami bouquet... simple. sweet and whimsical... Origami flowers as cake...Read more
Have you thought about a lounge area... outside the reception area? ...for your older guests who might need a break from the noise of the party to those guests that simply want to catch up and quietly socialize with family and friends. How thoughtful it would be to have a comfy spot for them to sit, relax and visit. Of course, it would be fabulous if the venue already has a lounge area~ only...Read more
Simply irresistible! That's what a candy buffet is...and while I think using a variety of apothecary jars in different sizes is a splendid option for containing your chosen confections, I also adore the idea of seeing a candy buffet full of yet more COLOR! How pretty are these colored glass containers from the Daisy Pink Cupcake blog? So fun and fancy. And of course, I recommend a variety of...Read more
Generally speaking, focal points are "designed" to command our attention. And, they make for fantastic photography shots~ especially at the ceremony when ALL eyes are on you! I think the key to achieving a beautiful focal point lies in borrowing from the natural surroundings {inside and out} and personalizing it with your wedding style! Find below, images {that link to the source} for all types...Read more
If you're intrigued by Origami, then you just might fall in love with a Kusudama flower ball! Much like Origami, a Kusudama flower ball is made by using a very old Japanese technique of paper folding {sometimes cutting & pasting} ... So delicate yet so strong. And, so pretty! Kusudama pedal image: Paper Unlimited Origami blog If you're looking for a beautiful and easy DIY decorating option...Read more