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Submitted by Heidi on Monday - August 4, 2008

Guest Blogging for us today... photographers, Cathy and David of Cathy and David Photography.   I'm very excited to have this fun, high energy, husband-wife team, share with us some of their expertise on capturing those magical moments.  Enjoy!

What Makes a Monument Significant?       by Cathy and David – Photographers.

“Location, location, location!” That’s the one thought that seems to be foremost in the minds of couples when selecting the backdrop for their engagement session. And why not? Every couple wants their love story to be recorded in picturesque Hollywood romance style with recognizable locales. They want a place that carries a historic or visual significance as momentous as this moment in their life. And as a result, famous monuments like Millennium Park in Chicago and the Washington Monument have popped up in the backgrounds of engagement photos around the country.

These locations don’t just serve as a powerful and beautiful backdrop, but they also create timeless images so that decades later, they will still be recognizable and still be relevant. There’s just something about looking at a photo of yourselves with a backdrop as beautiful and amazing as the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, something that’s been around for nearly two centuries and will continue on after our generation and the next.

A few months ago, we shot a pretty unique engagement session here in Bloomington, IN with a different sort of monument. It was actually a proposal engagement session. Brandon called us out of the blue and asked us to meet him on the street near Indiana University where he and Meghan had once shared a memorable, romantic moment. It was there on that evening that he surprised her by proposing, and we were there to capture it. The emotion in the images, and the connection they had with their surroundings is so overpowering. That’s something that they’ll have for years and years to come that will be so valuable to them.

Their engagement session is available to look at here.

For couples like this, the location for their engagement session is less a question of monumental backdrop, but instead involves seeking out a place significant to their relationship. Maybe its that movie theater downtown where they shared their first kiss as the music swelled. Or perhaps it’s the campus where their innocent friendship in Spanish class blossomed into something more. These places are a sort of monument to the love they share. And years later, when they’re celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary, those photographs will remind them of more than just getting their picture taken or even falling in love. They’ll also remember the little moments in between that made their relationship happen.

Thanks for reading! -Cathy and David.

Oh~ that photo is so romantic, so incredibly sweet.   Be sure to check out Cathy and David's blog and linger about.  Lots of cool photos and upbeat reads.  Thanks so much Cathy and David~ for sharing your passion with us today!

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