Social Etiquette for the Digitally-Inclined

I wonder what Emily Post {1st edition} would have to say about cell phones in modern weddings. Would she say NO WAY--leave them in your horse carriage out back, or would she take a kinder, gentler approach toward our digital culture? It's hard to say but one thing is for certain--cell phones are here to stay. And as technologies and media evolve across the platforms, basic social media etiquette should remain the same.

mobile phone use during ceremony

{image: Evermore Photography}

Social etiquette for digitally-inclined wedding guests:

Be respectful:

  1. Mute or better yet, turn off your cell phone during the ceremony.
  2. Honor the wishes of a couple that wants their wedding unplugged or partially unplugged. 
  3. Let the professional photographer take photos. Try not to get in their way as they are the ones being paid to capture the candid moments!

Be kind:

  1. Don't post photos willy-nilly. If someone doesn't realize they're photo is being taken, ask their permission before posting.
  2. Not too pretty! If you've captured someone in a less than flattering position, angle or circumstance, don't share it.


For the digitally-inclined bride and groom: 

Many couples welcome photo swapping and are using paid apps like Wedding Snap to collect photos into online albums or using #hashtags for live Instagramming slide shows. These are wonderful for getting that 3600 view of your wedding.

How about you?
Whether you prefer plugged or unplugged, here are a few ideas to help you get the word out:

  1. An announcement via your officiant. A brief mention before the ceremony starts should suffice.
  2. Add wording to your programs. Be up front about your wishes to be partially or totally unplugged.
  3. Use signage. Place creative signs in strategic areas where you know guests will be: by the guest book, reception tables, bathrooms, etc.

What do you think? Plugged or unplugged?



Great post! Yes, I wonder how Emily Post would handle today's technology. :) I like the idea of adding signage or program wording. Although, to be sure no one misses the memo, the officiant would probably be the safest route.

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