Chicago Style Wedding: Jennifer & Victor

Nov 8 2012

Showcasing the magnificent Chicago skyline, we have another stunning wedding for you today–so beautifully and artfully captured. Jennifer and Victor were married in the same church that Jennifer was baptized, confirmed and attended elementary school in. “St. Jerome Parish holds a very special place in my heart, and I wanted to return there for my marriage ceremony” said Jennifer. Chicago is Jennifer’s hometown and New York is where Victor hails from. Wanting to show off the gorgeous city of Chicago to their out of town guests, they chose for their reception, the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame for its spectacular, unobstructed and panoramic rooftop view of the city’s splendid skyline.

There is so much to enjoy here: a gorgeous couple, the ornate church, a spectacular city skyline, and the cutest Flower Girl and Ringer Bearer ever! Go on, enjoy!


Wedding Style: Modern Love
Wedding Colors: Classic Gray, Red, Black, and White
Ceremony: St. Jerome Catholic Church, Chicago, IL
Reception: National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame, Chicago, IL

Photography: Steve Matteo Photography
Thank You Cards: MagnetStreet Weddings



Advice you’re glad you took?
Don’t fret over every single detail. If something doesn’t go as according to plan on the day of the wedding, chances are you are the only one who will notice.



Advice you’d like to give?
There will likely be something unexpected that pops up. Don’t stress, compromise. It’s all the unexpected things that will make your day memorable. In our case, a thunderstorm turned the sky black and rained cats and dogs for 30 minutes while we were in the church. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it cooled down what started out as a very hot and humid August day, and it also turned the sky vanilla after the storm passed–perfect for our rooftop cocktail hour and photos.



Best part of the entire day?
Marrying my husband, of course!



Highlighted Moments:
I was so nervous right before I walked down the aisle. It was months and months of planning all leading up to that point, and I felt the pressure! My sweet father was able to calm me down, but all my nerves completely melted away when I saw my best friend waiting for me at the altar with the biggest smile on his face. I think I may have been the happiest gal in the world at that moment.



On choosing “Devoted” Thank You Card design
This design matched our “Modern Love” style perfectly. The words “Thank You” on the card stood straight and proud like the modern skyscrapers do against our vanilla sky. I love how the front of the Thank You card showcased our photo without any other distractions. It was simple, modern, and sleek. I also loved the inside. We were able to print a thank you message and leave enough room so that we could also hand-write personalized messages for each of our guests. I also loved the cute “Please keep in touch” note in the back to add our address.

Wedding Photographer Chicago Style


Vendor Shout Out

Steve Matteo Photography

Steve did such an amazing job with capturing all the right moments. He is so creative and talented. His photos really reflect how happy we were and how much fun we had that day. When I look back at the photos, I am reminded of what a great time we had all throughout the day.

MagnetStreet Weddings

Design: MagnetStreet had so many great options to choose from. They made it so easy for me to pick a photo and upload to a design that I was able to compare several different designs with different photos. Whenever I decided I wanted to see how another photo looked with a particular design, I was able to quickly save one design and try another.
Customer Care: I loved how easy Magnet Street made it for me. You change colors, fonts, layouts, etc. with just a click of a mouse. You can also share all your saved work by email if you want to get a second opinion. And just to make double sure you are selecting the design you want, they let you view your entire design from the front, inside, and back before it gets printed. They also ensure that you remember to save your design by asking if you want to want save or not before exiting. I can get picky with the details, and Magnet Street made me feel confident I was selecting the perfect choice with all the different options I was able to test out.
Personalization Tool: This tool came in very handy. All I had to do to personalize a design with our photo was just press a few clicks of the mouse. I was able to choose fonts and backgrounds in colors that matched our theme easily. We wanted a design with just one photo to take up an entire glorious space. This design allowed the Thank You card to showcase our photo without too much clutter around it.

Congratulations Jennifer and Victor! Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your big day with us!



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