Choosing Invitation Fonts

Apr 23 2010

Ah, for the love of fonts! Easily change the look and feel of any MagnetStreet Weddings invite design simply by changing the typeface. Go from classic to quirky… formal to funky… you get what I mean…

The pressure is on… Invites set the tone and mood and that involves color, design, wording and font choices! Oh, the places one invitation design can go… It’s so fun. Srsly.

Quick lesson in font types

Serif fonts: more formal and have a tail on the first letter

San Serifs: less formal and do not have the tail

Scripts: have lots of personality and can be both formal or informal {great for use on your names}

In general… stick with using just two contrasting fonts i.e. Script paired with a Sans Serif.

Pictured below is Signature of Love ~ a Layered Invite where I used MagnetStreet’s Design Studio, our online personalization tool, to play with a few of my favorite fonts on the bride and groom’s names. Notice the differences..

  • For a MODERN feel I used Murray Hill D
  • For a CLASSIC feel~ Zapf Chancery LT Light Bold
  • For a DESTINATION feel~ Medici Script LT Std
  • For a UNIQUE/Non-Trad feel~ Bossa Nova MVB

{click to enlarge images}

Try it yourself in Design Studio! There are over 60 fonts to play with and whatever your style is…there are many fonts to pair it with! So… go… have fun now! Change the colors {to any color you want} and fonts to perfectly reflect your wedding theme and style!


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5 thoughts on “Choosing Invitation Fonts

  1. Thanks for this! It’s a great guide. Planning a wedding is full of decisions – big ones and little ones! A font is a good way to set the tone for your wedding and create expectations about the kind of event it will be.

  2. Very relevant for me at the moment! What’s the name of the font that says Modern and Dashing – I can’t find it… is it Soytag?!

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