Christmas Card Etiquette: Say This (But Maybe Not That)

Submitted by Heidi on Thursday - October 15, 2015

5 Christmas Card Etiquette Tips For The Season

It's mid-October and I'm sure you've noticed the buzz in the air about the pending holidays. It always comes up so fast, doesn't it? A goal for many of us is to stay on top of the season's to-do list--and that includes sending out your Christmas/Holiday cards. No matter which holiday you're sharing greetings for, here are a few etiquette tips to keep everyone in a festive mood throughout the season.

  1. When to send: wait until after Thanksgiving {one holiday at a time}.
  2. Sending a Christmas Letter?: almost always, the best letter is one that is shorter and doesn't boast of accomplishments but rather gives highlights from the year.
  3. Get personal: personal touches mean a lot! Customize your card ... include photos, use your own wording, and whenever possible, use your own handwriting. All this adds a personal touch--that won't go unnoticed.
  4. No obligation to reciprocate: If you receive a Christmas/Holiday Card from an acquaintance, you aren't obliged to send one in return. It really is ok. A simple verbal acknowledgement the next time you see the card giver is enough.
  5. Make your card unique: From a distinctive design, to changing the colors, to getting creative with your wording! I once received a Christmas letter from the perspective of the new baby and another time, from the perspective of the family dog. Both were so fun and clever ... something to think about for all you creative writers out there.

Cheers--to the 2015 holiday season!

Christmas Card etiquette and tips for a low-stress holiday season

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