Classy Engagement Photos With A Halloween Vibe

Submitted by Heidi on Thursday - October 29, 2015

One Spooktacular Soiree

October 31st is a pretty important date for Sara and Alonzo. It was on Halloween that they had their first date back in 2012 and it's on Halloween {this Saturday!} that they'll be making it official and tying the knot. How fun is that?! To honor their bewitching roots, Sara and Alonzo opted for a classy, studio engagement session with a Halloween vibe. Subdued props and ambient lighting set the stage for a mysterious and romantic tone. We love it--great job Cilento Photography.

Classy engagement photos with a Halloween vibe (photos by Cilento Photography)

This couple is way too cute to spook! Their non-traditional style is low-key and relaxed and it's obvious how comfortable they are with each other. We also love how Sara personalized their Save the Date design using only 2 photos to fill 4 photo slots {Super clever--well done Sara!}. We invite you to sit a spell and enjoy this unique Halloween sesh.

Wedding Style: Classy-Elegant with a Halloween vibe
Wedding Colors: Deep Purple | Black

Photography: Cilento Photography
Save the Date: MagnetStreet Weddings

What They Will Wear for their Halloween Wedding

While Sara and Alonzo have invited their guests to arrive at their spooktacular soiree dressed in costume, they will be more traditionally dressed. The bridal party will also be classy yet have a different Elvira sort of vibe--wearing purple dresses with black lace overlays, black lace gloves, chokers, and black birdcage veils. The groomsmen will be wearing tailcoats and top hats.

Eat, Drink and Be Scary!

Their reception will be trimmed in a Halloween look and feel. Guests will most likely be drinking brews from dressed up bartenders while a donned DJ encourages the ghouls and goblins to dance the night away. Lantern centerpieces--trimmed with black fall leaves and a purple shimmer will adorn every table. And for the trick or treaters of every age, there will be a candy bar buffet!

Classy engagement photo session by Cilento Photography

Shout out to Cilento Photography

Our photographer Corey was definitely a highlight of the day. He is so enthusiastic and really gets into character as well as works up a sweat because of how focused he is. We fell in love immediately! I have never worked with a photographer so passionate about their work. Just the entire vibe we had during the engagement session was comfortable and a lot of fun! {Sara}

Halloween themed engagement session by Cilento Photography

Classy engagement session from Cilento Photography

Halloween themed engagement session from Cilento Photography

Halloween themed Save the Date

Made For Each Other Large Save the Date Magnet

Our experience with MagnetStreet was too perfect! Even though, it was a very tough decision as far as picking a design to go with. We messed around with a few and compared. What made our decision was when the one we really liked had a spot for a main picture and then 3 slots on the side for 3 pictures. We loved the theme but we only wanted to use 2 pictures. So I decided to take the same picture and place it in all 3 spots on the side of our main photo and place them just right so they would line up and look as if it’s just one picture. It is one picture just placed three different times, as soon as I got that figured out, we knew it was the one. The tools were easy to use, we love the site! We loved that you can customize the colors. {Sara}

Made for their style!

The design is very mysterious and fun but yet elegant and classy. Our personalities, theme for the wedding, and wedding style are exactly that. We loved our save the dates, in fact, I was obsessed with them. We got a lot of good feedback from our friends and family who loved the save the dates. {Sara}

Classy studio engagement session with a Halloween vibe--photos by Cilento Photography

Congrats and best wishes Sara and Alonzo! Happy Halloween Wedding!